PC configuration changing and config file

25 Aug 2017 21:03 #98028 by mrxox1
Hello everybody,

I recently got an old cnc, and i used linuxcnc to control it. I succeeded in configuring all the parameters, and all was right until my pc's power supply felt down. I fortunatly kept a backup of the config file. I took another old pc i had, and install linux cnc on it, and simply restore my backup file. I made some tests, and immediatly figure out a scale error. The movement was only 32mm for a request of 100mm on screen for every axes. I modified my config file by inserting a 32:100 factor and all went fine. The question is how did i have to do that as i didn't change any parameters of the hardware. Do someone can explain me what i did bad by simply copying the config file, i'm a little confuse with that, thank you.
30 Aug 2017 14:28 #98214 by andypugh
That's actually very strange, especially that the ratio is close to 1/3.

Are you sure that the backup config was identical to the original?
07 Sep 2017 08:59 #98613 by mrxox1
Yes, i'm quite sure. I fixed the supply, and got the pc back but i don't test it for the moment. I keep you in touch if i find differences i didn't notice before, thank you.
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