Where to start with Servo motors

28 Aug 2017 23:18 #98116 by CNCFarmer
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I need a little help getting started. I have a 2 axis mill with an Anilam control. The control is not functioning. I would like to run LinuxCNC to these servo motors. Can you help me get started? What drive hardware do I need to make this work?
29 Aug 2017 08:43 #98133 by emcPT
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First you will need to know if you can reuse the servo amplifiers. Look at the documentation and try to understand how they receive the position control and the inputs/outputs.
Reusing the existing servo amplifiers ( = servo drives) you will save a lot of money and most of the wiring is already done, and you will have sure that the machine will have at least the performance that the original machine had.
This is the very first step, and quite important.

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