Homing / limits - the manual is misleading, possibly wrong

19 Oct 2017 01:27 - 19 Oct 2017 01:32 #100533 by pippin88
The homing / limits configuration is very confusing at present, which I think is largely due to the manual.
(I'm using Master on Debian Stretch)

My setup:
Z axis: 245mm travel, limit switch at full positive travel
X axis: 95mm travel, limit switch at full positive travel
(That is limit switches at position furthest away from chuck).
Using limit switch as homing switch
To make things easy to understand, I want machine 0,0 to be at full positive travel, and all travel towards the chuck to be negative (similar to how a Z axis on a mill is usually 0 at the top, with all moves down being negative).

I was trying to follow the manual: linuxcnc.org/docs/html/config/ini-homing.html
Contains the location of the home switch or index pulse, in joint coordinates. It can also be treated as the distance between the point where the switch or index pulse is latched and the zero point of the joint. After detecting the index pulse, LinuxCNC sets the joint coordinate of the current point to HOME_OFFSET. The default value is zero.
Note - The home switch location, as indicated by the HOME_OFFSET variable, must be strictly within the soft limits. That is, MIN_LIMIT < HOME_OFFSET < MAX_LIMIT.

This does not work

Following this resulted in the limit switch being within the soft limits, and the machine would happily jog into the limit switch.

What works is (Z axis):
MIN_LIMIT = -245
HOME = -0.01
HOME_FINAL_VEL = 0.000000

Note that HOME_OFFSET is greater than my MAX_LIMIT.
The above works as predicted - the machine homes, and sets the home switch (limit switch) position to 1 in machine coordinates. The soft limits are set to -245 to 0mm. The machine will not jog into the limit switch.

In case others would like an explanation of what happens:
When homing is commanded:
1. Moves towards the home (limit) switch at 10units/sec (HOME_SEARCH_VEL) until switch triggers
2. Moves away from home switch at 0.25units/sec (HOME_LATCH_VEL, note the minus to command a negative move) until the switch releases.
3. This position is set to HOME_OFFSET. That is, when the switch releases, that position on the axis is now called 1mm (in my case), defining where the axis travel / scale is in relation to the home switch.
4. The machine moves to HOME - which is just within the soft travel limits.

The manual needs clarification and more information about the relationship between MIN_LIMIT, MAX_LIMIT, HOME, HOME_OFFSET
The diagrams are good, but should included a reference to MAX_LIMIT to clarify things.

I suspect the note is really meant to be about HOME, not HOME_OFFSET. If you try to have a HOME position that is not between MIN_LIMIT and MAX_LIMIT, you get errors.

On another note, I think there is a bug (potentially in gmoccapy), which was not letting me use the override limits to jog off a limit switch.
The machine is on a limit switch (giving "joint 1 on limit switch error")
The override limits check box is available. When I try to check the override box, the error "No limit switch is active, ignore limits will not be set". Therefore I can't enable the machine to jog it off the limit switch!
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03 Jun 2019 09:36 #135723 by JetForMe
I'm running into this, too. Have you figured it out?

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03 Jun 2019 10:20 - 03 Jun 2019 10:21 #135728 by rodw
The reason for your confusion seems like you are both usng master branch and the docs you are referring to are for V 2.7. There were significant changes from 2.7 to 2.8 regarding homing so it is critical you read the right docs. Go to the main home page at linuxcnc.org and follow the links so you get it right. Note the /devel/ in the correct link below.


I though this was really high quality documentation when I set my machine up.
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03 Jun 2019 19:35 #135784 by JetForMe
I may have linked the wrong doc in that other post but I'm pretty sure last night I was looking at the 2.8 docs.

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04 Jun 2019 00:26 - 04 Jun 2019 00:26 #135816 by bevins
There is an override enable checkbox in the config for gmocappy if my memory serves me right.

I don't use gmocappy.

/EDIT Sorry, re-read your post.
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