stepconf work fine but not in lcnc

01 Dec 2017 23:40 #102577 by andypugh

Shpalman72 wrote: andypugh: you're right
I'm an idiot
I thought it was a check-box to enable some unidentified hardware simulator

If you are an idiot then there are a lot of them about. You are not the first to do this and won't be the last. We should probably make it a bit more clear what the box means.
08 Nov 2018 08:17 #120239 by zwojtek
Hi, i have the same problem. When I run test in stepconf it works fine for all 3 axis.
In LinuxCNC I can move by keyborad arrows not all axis and directions. For example, i can move axis Y forward, but backward is not possible. I can move axis x left always, but to move x axis right I have to press down arrow (to let to move Y backward).
My computer is Dell GX280 (Pentium 4), and lpt port is connected to chinese interface board like this
My configs are attached.

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File Name: moja-frezarka.hal
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File Name: moja-freza...stepconf
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08 Nov 2018 16:03 #120275 by Todd Zuercher
It sounds like you have a wiring issue. Double check your connections. Especially those relating to your dir pins for X and Y, and enable/disable (if you are using them)
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