how to configure rack tool change on an EMCO CNC COMPACT 5 lathe

05 Dec 2017 00:08 #102685 by dodol
Hi everyone,
I'm very new at using linuxCNC. I al trying to retrofic a EMCO CNC COMPACT 5 lathe. Everything works pretty well so far except I can't find how to configure the system for tool retating the tool rack.
I saw this entry in the wiki but I don't see where to specify the outputs to be used by the stepper motor that rotates the rack.
Could somebody try to put me on the rail?
11 Dec 2017 23:04 #102947 by andypugh
A "Rack Tool Changer" is an array of tools that does not move, where the machine spindle moves to the tool it wants.

I don't think that any lathe has a rack tool changer.

What you want is probably:
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