Arduino uno + linux Debian + LinuxCNC Axis 2.7.14 + Make CNC run

13 Sep 2018 16:42 #117470 by rodgarser
I have Axis 2.7.14 installed on Debian and have an arduino uno to make the connection with the machine, but the machine is not running. In manual mode, I can see the axis moving when I push the keyboard arrows, but the machine doest move.
I know that everything is working and connected correctly because I have used bCNC and it worked, but I think that Linux Cnc is better.
13 Sep 2018 20:20 #117482 by tommylight
Linuxcnc does not work with arduino uno as you expect it to do, Linuxcnc controles drives directly through parallel port or other hardware.
I am also sure that a user named DaBit made that work somehow, so you might wana search for his user name on this forum.
Just to be clear, if you want to use Linuxcnc you do not need an arduino or anything of that sort, you just need a parallel port and drives and motors, or Linuxcnc > mesa or pico card > drives >motors.
13 Sep 2018 21:08 #117487 by rodgarser
Hello Tommylight,
I greatly appreciate your help, I will follow your instructions !
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