Motors powered but not turning

12 Feb 2019 23:59 #126309 by Fluflufpv
First of all, I'd like to say I'm new to these forums and honestly not sure if this is the correct section. Now, on to my problem:

I've been building my first cnc over the last few months and just getting to the point of setting up linux cnc to run it. So I have installed linux cnc on an old computer, connected a pcie parallel port card, and then connected that to my breakout board in the cnc. After that, I started to setup linuxcnc using the stepper configuration (dont remember the exact name) and got to the point of setting up the x axis and went to test it using the job feature but it is not moving. The motors have current to them as they have a slight hum and are hard to turn as expected from a stepper motor that is powered. I have no idea what I need to do. Am I missing some drivers for the pcie card? Bad cable? My connections aren't right (although I double and triple checked these)? Something I dont know anything about? If it might be a broken part, is there a way to narrow it down, or rather how would you? Please note that i am new to linux cnc and linux in general so please be patient with me.

Oh, if it makes any difference, i am using tb6600 drivers for the motors without the enable pin connected to the breakout board. Could that be it?

13 Feb 2019 13:44 #126340 by pl7i92
it may bee to high values

or simply a Direction Step wire change

you schodt jon the IRC chat there are people for live Helping
13 Feb 2019 18:35 #126368 by tommylight
Open a terminal and type:
sudo lspci -v
look for parport driver and check the address above that driver in use.
13 Feb 2019 19:16 #126375 by Fluflufpv
Thank you! I will try those when I get the chance! As far as step direction wires reversed, I have made sure those are correct, both swapping them physically and swapping them in the software. I might also try the live chat.

Thanks for the help
14 Feb 2019 23:17 #126502 by Fluflufpv
After entering the command(?) You said, this is what it shows for the parallel controller, I have no idea what I'm looking for, but it doesnt seem to say anything about a driver from my complete noob view. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
14 Feb 2019 23:21 #126503 by Fluflufpv
Whoops, photo didn't attach, I'll get that posted. I think this worked....
15 Feb 2019 10:14 #126527 by andypugh
What base address did you use for the parport card in Stepconf?

It looks like the card is it e010 (or maybe e000)
15 Feb 2019 23:27 #126591 by Fluflufpv
Thank you for your help! It ended up being the wrong port, it is now moving as far as I can tell!
17 Feb 2019 09:20 #126667 by pl7i92
and now tune up the system by hand
editing the INI file
and give the HAL a chance
use 3000ns more in the HAL gives you safty

leave the 100000 Base Period in the INI it gives you even more convidence

TUNE the Heviest Axis to the max ACC till it stalls go back 25% and you are fine
The speed youdt only bee the most used in Practice saying 2400mm/min mill
or 5000mm/plasma
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