Live Center in Turrets - switch to joint from velocity to torque mode?

13 Feb 2021 13:23 #198676 by robh

when a lathe with multi turrets or a tail stock with a motor, or a subspindle (you can also switch into a tail stock)

when the machine is running in velocity mode & when you use the live center on a join becuase a force is applied all the time to keep constant presure on the center and the postion is never reached alot of the time the joint can alarm out in following error or over driving the joint to apply a set presure when in velocity mode.

reading the manuals for other machines and understanding the programming manuals i notice alot of controls now days they can switch the axis/joint into a torque mode with a M code, with a P or Q normal as a % of torque. then switch back out when they want to retract etc..

do you think the same can be made to work in side hal? with out giving a joint position error etc when switching between modes..

then i can use one turret for centering the work peace and the other to do all the turning etc.

hopefully it makes sence above.

obvisly if you use a hydraulic loaded or spring live center you dont have this issue. or a hydraulic tail stock.

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14 Feb 2021 23:16 #198878 by andypugh
Yes, I think this could be done using external offsets and a PID to control the pressure (assuming that there is pressure feedback)

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