installing linux mint 17.3 64bit how to

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First i want to thank all of you for the information in this forum.
i am new to Linux and i have spent a lot of time here reading and learning.

i have put together a list of steps that have worked for me getting Linux mint 17.3 64bit installed with linuxcnc.
maybe this will help someone

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first install Linux mint 17.3 64bit.
then run update manager to make sure mint is up to date.
you will need to install a real-time kernel in Linux mint.
you can compile your own or use the pre compiled 4.1.36 kernel i have uploaded her as it is to large to attach to the forum
it should be good for 90 days.

if you use the attached kernel download the rtlinuxdeb.tar.gz file.
extract the files. then right click on linux-image-4.1.36-4.1.36-rt42-rt42_4.1.36-4.1.36-rt42-rt42-10.00.Custom_amd64.deb
and select open with GDebi package installer then click install package.
next right click on linux-headers-4.1.36-4.1.36-rt42-rt42_4.1.36-4.1.36-rt42-rt42-10.00.Custom_amd64.deb
and select open with GDebi package installer then click install package.

reboot computer
open a terminal window and type uname -a.
it should report 4.1.36-rt42.

copy install-lcnc.txt to the root directory change the permissions to allow executing file as program.
open a terminal in the root directory and type ./install-lcnc.text
this will install all the dependences, download Linux cnc 2.7.8, compile the program and install it on the computer.
if you want a different version of Linux cnc you can edit the text file
this will take a little while.
when done reboot the computer and run Linux cnc from the menu.
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20 Jan 2017 16:38 - 20 Jan 2017 17:19 #86262 by cncnoob1979
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What commands did you use to package .deb the compiled kernel?
sudo make deg-pkg modules_install
sudo make deb-pkg install

#Never mind! I found the information I was looking for:

After the configuration process is finished, the new or updated kernel configuration will be stored in .config file in the top-level directory. The build is started using the commands
$ make clean
$ make deb-pkg
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