Omron MX2 EtherCAT control

20 Nov 2023 13:29 #286035 by eduard
Hey everyone,I've recently stepped into the world of LinuxCNC and I'm excited about the possibilities it offers. However, I'm facing a challenge in integrating my Omron MX2 equipped with an EtherCAT board into the system.I have the factory XML and the manual part from EtherCAT for the MX2, but I'm unsure about creating an XML that would work seamlessly with LinuxCNC. My experience with LinuxCNC is quite limited—I've managed to configure some Beckhoff modules, but this is a whole new ball game for me.Does anyone have experience with integrating Omron devices with EtherCAT boards into LinuxCNC? Any guidance or step-by-step instructions on how to create the necessary XML or configure it properly would be greatly appreciated. I'm eager to learn and willing to put in the effort, just need some direction to get started.

If I'm understand corretly, the drive working with CiA402 Drive Profile. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can provide!


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EtherCAT manual link:

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26 Nov 2023 16:48 #286559 by foxington

what I know, omron stuff have a little bit different sync managers and has little bit more xml configuration or something like it... it was solved in this forum for single time in the past but I cant find it right now... I can recommend you just googling here, it is rabbit hole here..

regards Slav
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