Axis select buttons in GMOCCAPY

19 Jan 2021 15:55 #195898 by rv9a
As the title suggests, I was hoping to get some help on adding some axis select buttons. I had my mill set up with AXIS and decided to change to GMOCCAPY. My MPG wheel was all setup and working in AXIS by selecting and axis, either using the radio button or X, Y or Z keys. I'd like to have the same in GMOCCAPY, however, I don't see a way to select an axis.

My thoughts are to use the "H" buttons along the bottom for an axis select, essentially like they are in touch off mode, but have them only in manual mode. A button that changes colors to show its selected and stays selected until another axis is selected. I know I could embed another window some where else on the screen but I'm looking for a cleaner way to do it.

Problem is, while I'm sure its possible to do, I have no clue how to go about this. The only reason I have an operating system up to now is every issue I've encountered has been well documented on this forum. Any help would be appreciated.

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19 Jan 2021 17:29 - 19 Jan 2021 17:35 #195903 by RotarySMP
Are you using LinuxCNC 2.8?

This is how I netted a single switch to select between the X an Z axis of my lathe. As you can I net the input to both the axis and the joint.

net axis.x.sel => axis.x.jog-enable joint.0.jog-enable
net axis.z.sel hm2_7i96.0.gpio.002.in_not => axis.z.jog-enable joint.1.jog-enable

[edit] I reread your post. I think I misunderstood that you had a set of physical buttons already.
The easiest, and probably most practical would be to add a rotary switch near the MPG to selct the axis. Typically a jog increment selection is also added close to the MPG.

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19 Jan 2021 17:49 #195907 by newbynobi
Here you can see how i solved this with pysical buttons MPG.hal

I you enable keyboard jogging on the settings page, you may use the keyboard to jog your machine.


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