Preview Screen update after Touch off?

16 Feb 2024 00:12 #293469 by U2fletch
I understand Section 4.4 Embedded Tabs and Panels. I am trying to prevent Tabs and Panels from displaying, not modifying them, or adding panels.

HansU said "Yes, with "EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = hide" you can simply hide the mentioned frames."

This is in reference to the provided example where you are adding a new Panel:

EMBED_TAB_LOCATION = ntb_user_tabs
EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = gladevcp -x {XID}

I understand that if you add this to your .ini file you can add the panel.
My question is that if you add something like the following to the .ini, file, is that the method HansU was promoting? Saying you want to remove the Spindle Panel.

EMBED_TAB_LOCATION = ntb_user_tabs

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