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Edit your .INI file. Here's my file, with the [DISPLAY] section that has some info for Gmoccapy. It points to the GUI and to the location of the o-code programs located in the directory shown under PROGRAM PREFIX. It also includes a list of the o-code programs.

   DISPLAY = gmoccapy
   #  DISPLAY = axis
   #  DISPLAY = gscreen
   #  DISPLAY = tkemc
   PROGRAM_PREFIX       = ../../nc_files
   PREFERENCE_FILE_PATH = gmoccapy_preferences
   CYCLE_TIME = 150
   # NGCGUI Entries
   # Note: TKPKG (one or more) specifies tcl/tk apps to embed in axis tab pages
   TKPKG                = Ngcgui 1.0
   NGCGUI_FONT          = Helvetica -10 normal
   EMBED_TAB_LOCATION 	= ntb_user_tabs
   EMBED_TAB_COMMAND 	= gladevcp -x {XID} ./pyngcgui_popupkeyboard.ui
   NGCGUI_PREAMBLE      = lathe_std.ngc
   NGCGUI_SUBFILE       = threading.ngc
   NGCGUI_SUBFILE       = threading-metric.ngc
   NGCGUI_SUBFILE       = npt_pipe.ngc
   NGCGUI_SUBFILE       = turning.ngc
   NGCGUI_SUBFILE       = taper-od.ngc
   NGCGUI_SUBFILE       = facing.ngc
   NGCGUI_SUBFILE       = knurling.ngc
   NGCGUI_OPTIONS   	= nonew noremove
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