09 Oct 2021 21:03 #222688 by 10K
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And the nut fit the first time!

Glad you got the code working.

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24 May 2022 12:14 #243678 by robertspark
Replied by robertspark on topic Threading
I have been fiddling around with some of these routines from this lathe section of the forum.

I added in the "tolerance" parameter for the metric threading macro.

I have also sorted out the order of the #vars as apparently with NGCGUI they need to be #1 #2 #3....#15 in numerical sequence. I notice that the "tolerance" in the original macros was out of sequence, so I've just resequenced both macros.

I've also added a bit of a check to find out what the current units you machine is set to at the start of running the macro and reset it back to those units at the end of the macro. The problem is not all of us use imperial machines .....

Check that the macros work for you and there are no errors as I've NOT run these on my machine yet, I was just doing a bit of a clean and tidy up on the general macros I downloaded to make them a bit more universal.

I also added a tool change in the sequence and coolant and also the rpm which was fixed as part of the macro.

Hopefully someone finds it of use / helpful.

you will need to rename them from txt to ngc 

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