unbuntu lucid nativecam install

12 Aug 2019 20:18 #141998 by andypugh
You could try Stretch with the RTAI packages:


Expand the "assets" tag, download the files then folllow the install sequence.

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17 Aug 2019 18:33 #142403 by okiejim
Thank you all,
I have debian 9 with linuxcnc 2.7.14 installed and sorta working. Need to dial in my machine better. I do appreciate all your help. The old unbuntu machine will retire soon. It just does not like debian for some reason. Andy I may try your suggestion on the old machine once I get the new one up. I have not installed nativecam yet but will once dialed in. I have some parts I want to make for my Shopsmith so I am anxious to get started with nativecam. It will be a challenge but this is what I like. Thank you again for all your help. As far as advising and showing others how to install on lucid I can only say truthfully I failed to get it to go properly. The archived repositories and updates to packages was just to much of a hassle for me and I had to stop. The new machine had a parallel port issue and it turned out that the bios had it set to bi-directional, I changed to EPP and it is woking fine now.

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