Anyone beta testing Pathpilot 2.0?

04 Nov 2017 04:56 #101303 by DaOne
Anyone beta testing this?
04 Nov 2017 20:13 #101324 by smgvbest
if I had it I would but I guess it's available to authorized users only???
i don't have a tormach machine, wish I did but i'm pure hobby use
04 Nov 2017 21:42 #101335 by DaOne
You had to sign up for it. The link no longer works.
14 Nov 2017 21:56 #101800 by Contract_Pilot
Just spoke with Tormach tech support. They said info is no state secret! PP 2.0 should be public in a couple weeks...
14 Nov 2017 21:59 #101802 by DaOne
That's great news. I have been modding the hec out of it. Can't wait to see what 2.0 is about.
14 Nov 2017 22:04 #101803 by sharmstr
Most of the work is under the hood. Not many UI changes.
14 Nov 2017 22:11 #101804 by DaOne
Any chance you could elaborate? I see you have been working on modding it as well. :) I would love to collaborate if you were interested. I have been working on the lathe side quite a bit. I wonder if Tormach has an issue with a copy?
14 Nov 2017 23:13 #101806 by sharmstr
If I were to guess, the only reason to have a beta was for the new OS and linuxcnc versions. Everything else, while great to have, wouldn't warranty beta testing. But that's just my opinion, which isnt worth much.

I'm always open for swapping code. I dont have a lathe though. You can follow my github where I post everything thats "safe" to use :)

I should have a handful of 2.0 mods up there a few days after it goes public.
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14 Nov 2017 23:52 #101810 by DaOne
Things I have done so far are...

Fixed a few bugs
Added a tabbed status page (notebook) so I can do view all of the inputs , outputs, signals and encoders.
Added machine coordinates DROs
Added a real MPG that is switchable via the GUI as well as using the GUI step increments for the MPG (.1, .01, .001 etc)
Added HAL pins for external cycle start and feed hold pins.
Got "Classic Ladder" working.
Changed the tool changer from 8 tools to 12 and connected it with classic ladder to control a turret on a lager lathe retrofit.
Got a a fully working parallel port setup for a mini lathe with full VFD spindle control. Everything works.

Right now I am building a full new interface based on this with a larger screen resolution. I am converting based on a screen set I created years ago for Mach 3...

I would love to work on the mill side as well. I have a 1995 Haas VF-2 I will be retrofitting soon. If this interface is updated to take advantage of the new OS / linuxcnc then it will be a great building block. I would love to make it all work universally.

If you are interested you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

15 Nov 2017 03:50 #101814 by sharmstr
That's impressive! I recently figured out how to add things to the PP ui. I've been mainly focusing on probing routines since there are only a handful in PP.
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