PathPilot 2 How to use/enable FULL LinuxCNC capabilities.

16 Apr 2018 06:34 #109110 by Stigoe
Stigoe replied the topic: PathPilot 2 How to use/enable FULL LinuxCNC capabilities.

smgvbest wrote: To enable full functionality in PP you need to code the GUI to do so not the other way around.
The underlying LinuxCNC has only the functionality Tormach wants to support for their machines which from a product support point of view is the correct decision. They had no desire to become a linuxcnc support group and deal with all the varied things you could do in LinuxCNC and screw up your Tormach and expect them to fix it.

I understand this and I agree with their decision, so no problem with this.

smgvbest wrote: The easier approach is to ask what do you want to add then you look at how to add it instead of trying to do everything.

I'd like to add some physical buttons for Run, Feedhold and Stop, and the examples I've found uses toggle2nist (and toggle). Since I'm very much a rookie when it comes to LinuxCNC (and only a little more experienced with Linux), I don't know what's the difference between toggle and toggle2nist and why they both are used/needed.
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