09 Aug 2018 22:46 #115861 by kb8wmc
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Grotius, thanks again for your informative reply...The machine is my brother's and is located at his shop, so I don't have it available to look at right now...BUT, as I remember it has a cpc port (if that is the special connector on the rear)...I think I also remember that in the Powermax45 manual that it mentioned a 1:50 voltage divider...I am doing all this from memory which is not so good these days...

Instead of commenting out the thcud loadrt line with "#" I just removed it as I could add it back in if it were ever necessary...

15 Aug 2018 15:20 #116082 by kb8wmc
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Still have not found where the problem lies to get the THC working...Does anyone have a functional configuration for THC with MESA 5i25/7176/THCAD-10 that they would share so that I could compare with the present configuration of my brother's machine?...It does not matter if it is an Axis or Gmoccapy gui, just as long as it pertains to the THC portions...

I am almost sure that our problem getting the THC to work pertains to configuration parameters, either something required but not there, or connected incorrectly, etc...But I cannot find it...The present configuration is based on JT's configuration which is based on his MESA 5i20/7i43 (AFAIK using parallel port)...

As I am tearing my hair out over this any help would be appreciated...

thanks in advance
15 Aug 2018 15:49 #116083 by tommylight
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RodW has posted his several times on this forum, just search for him.
15 Aug 2018 16:16 #116085 by kb8wmc
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thanks tommylight
18 Aug 2018 10:20 #116239 by rodw
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tommylight wrote: RodW has posted his several times on this forum, just search for him.

Been so busy have not been here for a while. My solution to scaling the THCAD-10 was to write a component See this thread with documented example HAL connections.
21 Aug 2018 16:32 - 21 Aug 2018 16:34 #116406 by BigJohnT
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I've been so busy as well. I'm currently using a 5i25, 7i76 and THCAD-10 on my plasma. I've attached my current configuration files as well as the current thc component I use.

Oddly enough you have to right click on the files and select save link as.

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21 Aug 2018 23:46 #116436 by islander261
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I use a7i76E with the THCad-10 on my plasma. I run it 5 days a week and the THC works well. Please see my basic hal code to get the arc voltage without any custom hal components. It is kind of messy because it has both divide by one and divide by 32 THCad settings in it left over from trouble shooting THC problems. I had no need to run in the divide by 32 mode for noise reduction.
#  THC stuff

# ---Encoder Setup for THC--

setp    hm2_7i76e.0.encoder.00.counter-mode 1
#filter mode now set to true for divide by 32 THCad mode
#setp    hm2_7i76e.0.encoder.00.filter 1
#filter mode now set to false for divide by 1 THCad mode
setp    hm2_7i76e.0.encoder.00.filter 0
setp	hm2_7i76e.0.encoder.00.scale -1
net thc-vel-in	hm2_7i76e.0.encoder.00.velocity 

#use base components for getting arc voltage

#these settings are scaling encoder counts to arcvolts using scale component
#Value for my THCad card and voltage divider (18.94181:1)
setp     scale.arcvolts.gain .0002238191
#Value for my THCad card 124400 * .0002238191*-1
setp     scale.arcvolts.offset -27.843
#now using divide by 32 mode per PCW rcomended setup so all scalling values are divided by 32
#setp     scale.arcvolts.gain .007162211
#setp     scale.arcvolts.offset -27.843
net thc-vel-in         =>
net scaled_arcvolts    <= scale.arcvolts.out

22 Aug 2018 14:24 #116455 by kb8wmc
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Thanks much JT...I got the files on brother's plasma table modified over in a couple hours to conform to your recent code...We won't be able to test until this next weekend as his compressor is down right now...Part to fix should arrive by then we hope...

I have a question...I see that there is a "thc_volts" component listed under the category of "Volts Test" in the hal file...
1. What is it used for?
2. Is it necessary to inter-operation with machine?
3. How does it work?
4. Where can I get in order to install it?

Another question: As we are using your post-processor and Sheetcam with the M68 Q-voltage picked up and displayed in the pyvcp panel? I loaded a file in Axis and the voltage remained at 0 in the display...

Can't wait to test and see the THC working...

thanks in advance...

22 Aug 2018 18:31 #116456 by BigJohnT
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Mike that is a simple one line component I used to test something or other and display the volts for some reason I forget now lol.
out = (in - offset) * scale

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22 Aug 2018 20:36 #116460 by kb8wmc
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JT, Got it installed...Will give it a whirl once I figure out how...

Got a question for you...In your opinion are there any drawbacks to placing all the Plasma/THC configurations in their own separate HAL file e.g. (thc.hal) and calling it from the INI ? I have already done so and Axis does not complain about it on start up...I have done this in the past with joypads and something else (can't remember it) and have not experienced any problems...

Thanks for your earlier quick response...
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