Rotary plasma Cutter

17 May 2022 18:31 #243188 by paulsao
Rotary plasma Cutter was created by paulsao
Greetings to all.I have another 7i96i card and I want to build a machine to cut square tubes, has anyone done it? It would be very helpful if you give me some ideas and tips on how to do it.Thank you

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17 May 2022 19:56 #243196 by rodw
Replied by rodw on topic Rotary plasma Cutter
Sheetcam has a rotary addin for additional cost.
For pipe its pretty easy, One axis becomes the circumference (imagine it is folded out flat.) You could do this in CAD if you slit your tube lengthwise (with say a 0.0001mm slot) and flattened it as sheetmetal. You don't even need a THC as the cut height is fixed.

For square tube, the same concept applies but you should be able to let the THC follow the rising and falling surface as the tube rotates. I would use a 4 jaw self centring chuck. Commercial machines will have a fixed chuck and a rotating guide at the torch with 4 rollers on it that the tube is inserted through that keeps the tube aligned with the chuck (eg the rollers let the tube slide in and out as the machine moves along the tube)

You might be able to process rectangular sections with spacers inserted in the 4 jaw so it becomes square. eg 50 x 100 would use 2 x 25mm spacers on 2 jaws.

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