QtPlasmaC External Pins

28 Aug 2022 12:58 #250618 by rodw
QtPlasmaC External Pins was created by rodw
Two extra unlinks required. See attached. need sto be a postgui file now as its referencing some qtplasmac pins.
I thnk I may have moved some load rt commands to another file so you may needs some of these
loadrt and2 names=pr-and0,pr-and1,pr-and2,pr-and3,pr-and4,and-plus,and-minus,rapid-plus,rapid-minus,rapid-sel
I think I need to do a bit of cleaning up yet.. I'm not convinved all the toggles etc are required but I'm working on a pendant file first.
The pendant is another level again! 170 lines and counting

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29 Aug 2022 09:09 #250677 by phillc54
Replied by phillc54 on topic QtPlasmaC External Pins
Rather than pollute the original topic I started a new one.

This code should be functionally equivalent to yours.
Warning: Spoiler!

There is one major issue though.
The plasmac component exerts a feed hold while paused due to us needing to use userspace pins for the program state.
This means that step will not work in a combined run/step scenario as that causes step to only be valid while paused.
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