E-Stop how it should be , suggestion programmer

19 Dec 2023 15:18 #288589 by Plasmanfm
Basic E-Stop are always in series
E-Stop is locked when he pushes he has NC-contact´s
You can place them in a row indefinitely
If we push it, it's all off

an example of how it should be:
External E-Stop not Pushes interner E-Stop (Red) Interne E-Stop can be unlocked Power-Switch can be switched on.
Externer E-Stop Pushes Power-Switch switched in off , Interne E-Stop is now Red as long as Externer E-Stop it is locked !
Yes, the external E-Stop can be switched so that it goes out, which makes sense (e.g. stepper motor)Cat the power supply from the main relay

if Extern E-Stop and Intern E-Stop (( Not Pushes )( on )) Power-Switch on
else Extern E-Stop or Intern E-Stop (( Pushes ) ( off )) Power-Switch off



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19 Dec 2023 16:45 - 19 Dec 2023 16:52 #288597 by Mecanix
Estop is hardware wired preferably. As is Main110/220/380 cutoff. The worlds (parallel and alternate universes too) should immediately stop rotating and existing when pressed, ideally lol. There's some mighty importance in the term emergency around machine-tools! Although I agree software estops do look cool, I've always bypassed/ignored them entirely though. I find the machine enable feature more relevant software-wise...  
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19 Dec 2023 17:20 - 19 Dec 2023 17:25 #288603 by tommylight
Compared to some solutions on this forum regarding E-stop implementation, i have a set way of doing that where any incident will be handled by hardware and LinuxCNC, i never use the latch function.
Mesa 7i92/7i77/7i74/7i70/7i71
E-stop in to mesa 7i70
E-stop out from mesa 7i71
That makes sure that if anything on the mesa side fails, machine will not work.
The hardware part will always cut off power to motors/drives and engage brakes or braking resistors in some cases, but never cut power to PC and Mesa stuff.
This part is very dependent on hardware used so there is no "one fits all".
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20 Dec 2023 10:05 - 20 Dec 2023 10:23 #288659 by Plasmanfm
Hallo tommylight
Yes, I see it that way too, but my suggestion is to continue with the hardware component

my test in PlasmaC:I looked at this in PlasmaC...
If I set the external E-Stop via Stepconf PnCConf Wizard " an input
and say that is the E-Stop "then the following is the case....
If the E-Stop (emergency stop switch not a button) is unlocked, the contacts are closed cannot be unlocked (with the mouse) that is correct in this point, as soon as an emergency stop is activated the system is locked until all emergency stops or the one that was activated are unlocked.
The thing with the E-Stop on the screen is not okay, it should be like that if
The external emergency stop is not activated on the screen despite stopping.
I tested this with a button.

The way it's programmed, it's nothing
Yes, for me everything is switched off via the Eternal E-Stop except for the mesa board
If external E-Stop pushes, set the external E-Stop the power switch to off and the program stops
That would also be a solution

king regard
the Elektrican

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20 Dec 2023 13:34 - 20 Dec 2023 14:39 #288663 by Plasmanfm
To all Guy´s
I took a closer look at StepconfPnCConf Wizard in PlasmaC
For the emergency stop switch, you can choose “Indicator”, “Hidden” and “Button”.
For "Hidden" and  “Indicator“ an Eternal E-Stop must be set.
By Indicator is ESTOP  Green or Red by Green kan you Switch the Power Button by Red not
you kann Pushes the ESTOP but it's dead.
By Hidden haf you not the ESTOP you kann Switch the Power Button wenn the E-Stop is not pushes in on s the E-Stop pushes you can´t  Switch in on !
This applies to an emergency stop switch with normally closed contacts (NC)
So it's quite good, but the fact that you can click on the ESTOP in the indicator is not nice, as this button would be better as an LED.
I'm thinking about whether I should use this variant to display the E-Stop, but as it is as an LED and flashing and not as a button, which would be very good.

Ich habe mir mal das StepconfPnCConf Wizard von PlasmaC genauer angesehen....
Für den ESTOP  haben wir als Einstellung Indicator Hidden und Button
Für Hidden und Indicator brauchen wir ein Externen E-Stop-Switch den wir im Programm erstellen können
Wenn wir Indicator gewählt haben zeigt der ESTOP auf den Bildschirm den zustand an wir können zwa drauf herrum klicken aber nicht passiert !
Wenn der E-Stop gedrückt ist der Power Button aus ( off ) und man kann ihn nätürlich nicht einschalten (on ).
Ist der E-Stop nicht gedrückt können wir den Power Button von off in on schalten.
Bei Hidden haben wir kein ESTOP auf den Bildschrim wir können nur den Power Button in on schalten wenn der E-Stop nicht gedrückt wurde.
Ansonsten können wir den Power Button in on oder off schalten.
Ist der E-Stop gedrückt ist Power Button off wir können nicht in on schalten.
Das gilt für alle Varianten ein Not-Aus-Schalter rasten mit öffner Kontakten ( NC ) Ein Taster geht so  nicht und ist kein Not-Aus.

Also ganz gut nur das man auf den ESTOP klicken kann bei Indicator ist nicht schön da währe dieser Button als LED besser..
Ich überlege ob ich diese Varante nehmen soll als Anzeige des E-Stop dann aber als LED so wie er ist und nicht als Button Blinkend währe sehr gut.

king regarde
the electrican

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