QtPyVCP probe_basic some feedback from VFD

22 Mar 2020 19:27 #161133 by MovT
Hi Kurt.

Okay thank you. I've dig a little bit deeper and find out that i need a channel with a tuple in it to transfer data to a widget/label/button etc. But i am no familiar enough to figure out where i can create it rather if it necessary. Hard to learn this by this way.

As a workaround it will be fine to add a Label or Textbox to display the current AMPS. But i don't know how to do it and how to create the hal pin.

It's hard for me to understand all of this without a training or tutorial that face the booth aspects the QtPyVCP Framework AND the LinuxCNC concept.

But i am a fighter (coder). I will stay and do it until ii got it. Its easier for me to bring the XHC-WB04B-6 working.

Btw can i update my probe_basic with a new git clone ...? Or is there another way? I am on LCNC 2.8 and installed the development installation.


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