(SOLVED) Probe Basic - g-code display issue

06 Nov 2021 05:02 #225470 by Joco
A bit stuck on this one as I can't reproduce it.  My set up is Debian 11 on XFCE. 

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06 Nov 2021 16:21 - 06 Nov 2021 16:22 #225507 by spumco

Solved, more or less.

After fiddling with window settings, border sizes, and everything else in MX I had a go at the editor window in QT Designer.

I changed the sizeAdjustPolicy for gcodetextedit_2 to AdjustToContents and something strange happened.

Opened a file, same problem - the line number 'frame' was superimposed over the left characters
Opened a second file, everything adjusted properly, nothing cut off.
Opened the original file, everything stayed adjusted.

Restarted PB, same sequence. First file is cut off, everything after that is fine.  Doesn't matter what file I start with.

pic 1 is first file
pic 2 is second file
pic 3 is first file re-opened after the second.

Strange, but I can live with this one; calling it closed.  As always, thanks for your help.

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