can't get probe basic to run ( from linuxcnc import ini ImportError ...)

29 Mar 2023 11:35 #267792 by ferrumd

this is a slightly frustrating issue ....  but I've been attempting in vain to get probe basic to run.

After  a myriad of different errors and issues, I've followed this guide:

it seems to work and install just fine until the very last part...
[b]7- Edit probe_basic[/b]To be able to edit the probe_basic gui, you will enter the following in the main terminal.editvcp probe_basic

this gives me the "ini" errort

then trying to start linuxcnc with probe_basic always results in the following error:
    from linuxcnc import ini
ImportError: cannot import name 'ini' from 'linuxcnc' (unknown location)

I'm kind of at a loss and sort of ready to toss linuxcnc out of the proverbial window and switch to mach3/4...
any help is very welcome!

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29 Mar 2023 13:31 #267808 by Lcvette
See the sticky section, there are two updated installation types and methods.   If you are just wanting to use probe basic,  the .deb installation on Debian 12 Bookworm is the recommended installation method and is working very well.   

That method should offer the best future proofing.  There are a lot of transitional issues happening that are forcing us to rework the installing methods unfortunately. 

All of the correct information will be in this forum section in the sticky threads above at the top. 

There are also very clear guides on how to convert your config files to be probe basic compatible. 


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