Servo drives costing 22 euros for 2 motors

26 Oct 2016 23:57 #82125 by tommylight
That is nice, i just requested some samples, i have some uses for it regarding Linuxcnc! Thank you.
21 Mar 2017 23:54 #90038 by tommylight
By request, here are the config files for this example. Be aware that it uses a single parallel port in mode X, for 4 servo drives and 4 encoders so it has only 1 input left unused. Also in some cases the motors will run at will as they do not have enable inputs, if they go to an hard stop it will burn the mosfets or/and motor.
I case you do not need 4 drives, you may configure one of the outputs as enable out and wire another mosfet that will stop the power to the drives.
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