New design for a CNC engraver/etcher/scratcher ... ???

11 Nov 2023 23:59 #285143 by tommylight

Oh, so Z axis only serves the purpose of probing the material. The rest is done via spindle output.

No and no, there is no Z axis, there is a pressure servo.

I assume the Z output from the Gcode signal is script-converted into a S1 - S1000 signal to drive the pwm out.

Again no, although this works, it causes way to much vibration due to start/stop to change spindle speed.

Can you post your files?

Of course, see the second post.

Not sure how to handle the table flattening probe.

I have no idea what this is about? There is no probe and there is no flattening of granite/marble/glass material, they are flat, always.

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