retrofit Bridgeport Prototrak Plus

19 May 2016 13:07 - 19 May 2016 13:08 #74840 by Todd Zuercher
The black is the one wire I am pretty certain of, It is the one wire trace visible on the front of the differential signal chips board,
(I'd have to agree it isn't a conventional color scheme.)
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19 May 2016 13:30 #74842 by new2linux
I may have access to an oscope but it would be take my stuff there, but I have a 6 VDC 140mA charger for flash light, would this work or should I get batteries? I am ok with testing and respond with results.
19 May 2016 13:39 - 19 May 2016 13:43 #74843 by Todd Zuercher
Or you could just turn on the machine, and let it power the encoders. Other common 5v sources, cell phone chargers, and any power supply that plugs into a usb port or a usb port on a computer.
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19 May 2016 18:01 #74859 by new2linux
Attached is the raw data from the powered up mode. The volt meter was attached to ground and each wire's voltage was recorded(the number does not represent the true voltage just the area of the scale I read), the pic shows to far right side # of turns, under each letter of the color of the wire (R=red; G=green) is the value for that # of turns (note Y axes all the turns were the same reading like the 2 last turns of X axes) .

The top is a sketch of the plug looking from end of cable coming from encoder (male pins coming toward you) with square key at top, some of the openings were not used, notice the 3 pins to the right in the center are grounded pins, have wires to the pins. Is there any other info I need from the powered up temp assembly, would like to get it out of the way if we are finished.
19 May 2016 18:36 #74860 by Todd Zuercher
Pretty obvious Purple and Green is one pair Red and Orange is the other.
So you'll connect the black to the 5v+ on the 7i77, grey to the ground, orange to A, red to A/, green to B, and purple to B/. If the encoder counts in the wrong direction all you need to do is swap any one of the pairs at the 7i77 (such as purple for green).
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19 May 2016 18:42 #74861 by Todd Zuercher
I think you probably have a 500 count encoder (2000 quadrature). That will be useful info later when your setting up Linuxcnc.
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19 May 2016 18:47 #74862 by new2linux
Many many thanks Todd, I will study the information and see if it will sink in and make sense. As far as the wiring up, I plan to start that Saturday because the sun is suppose to be out tomorrow, we only had a small about of rain recently how about you.

thanks again!
19 May 2016 19:05 #74863 by Todd Zuercher
It's been nice if a little cold, not much rain this week, I was able to work up the garden again last night. Peas, onions, radishes, lettuces... are up. Hopefully I can plant potatoes tomorrow.
19 May 2016 19:47 #74864 by new2linux
I am not complaining about the rain, like you say, going to make the garden grow.

If I may ask to clarify referencing the "7i77 connector location and default jumper positions" (sheet contained in the 7i77man.pdf ) shows Encoder 0 Encoder 1 Encoder 2; is this where the A or the A/ needs to be connected, I see where the 5v+ connection is.
19 May 2016 20:22 #74865 by Todd Zuercher
Yes TB3 is where all the encoder wires should be connected.
TB3 Pin#FunctionWire
1QA0Orange X
2/QA0Red X
3GNDGrey X
4QB0Green X
5/QB0Purple X
6+5VBlack X
9QA0Orange Y
10/QA0Red Y
11GNDGrey Y
12QB0Green Y
13/QB0Purple Y
14+5VBlack Y
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