Retrofiting an old big milling machine

12 Jul 2018 15:32 #114070 by andypugh
The spindle speed chart goes very low. But I can't see how high it goes.
My mill only does 1000 rpm and that is too slow for many of the cutters I want to use.
12 Jul 2018 16:43 #114074 by vre
i think goes up to 2k.
But i found that this machine is not suitable to convert to cnc easily.
So as a manual machine worth for 1500 euros?
12 Jul 2018 16:47 #114075 by andypugh

vre wrote: i think goes up to 2k.

That's a little low, but not as stupidly low as mine. As long as you can use big cutters or can wait to nibble it away with small ones.
There is also the possibility of fitting a secondary high-speed spindle.

But i found that this machine is not suitable to convert to cnc easily.

It is already CNC, so I don't understand this point.
12 Jul 2018 17:54 - 12 Jul 2018 17:58 #114079 by vre
No it is not cnc.
it has only one motor for moving 3 axis x y z and change moving axis by
coupling gears mechanicaly so it has movement with 1 axis each time.
Move 1 axis stop change coupling and move other axis.
It gets the position by linear scales...
Because table is about 1 ton movement of Z is extreme difficult
needs giant servo with giant ballscrew.
But the biggest problem is how to fit z axis ballscrew + servo.
To good to be true cnc with 1500 at this size.
Anyway machine is 2.5tons and good mechanicaly.
Is it worth as manual machine for 1.5k ?
I have already 2 1.8kw servos 2500ppr for x y axis and mesa ethernet card with analog +-10 daughter card.
I can find 7.5kw vfd for spindle for 250 euros.
But for Z iam locked it is 1 ton what servo & ballscrew needs ?
Any trick with counterweights to reduce z servo & ballscrew size?
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12 Jul 2018 18:22 #114080 by andypugh
The existing motor is big enough to move the table, so the question has to be how big that is.

I don't think that you necessarily have to give up on retaining CNC. Yes, it will need extra motors, and they might have to be mounted in different places to the existing motor (I would probably keep the existing motor and drive for the Z axis, and add others for X and Y)
12 Jul 2018 19:56 - 12 Jul 2018 20:02 #114084 by vre
Anyway i will buy it and if it is suitable to retrofit i will keep it
orherwise one friend told that will keep it and use it as manual machine.
I think only the 12 iso50 toolholders + 160mm milling head that has worth 1.5k euros.
Machine has 7 motors in total big copper transformers so i think the price is good..
Another question..rigid taping can be done with conventional motor in spindle + encoder + vfd ?
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13 Jul 2018 19:52 #114144 by vre
Finally i got it.
I will open a new thread for repairing and retrofiting with linuxcnc
13 Jul 2018 20:51 #114149 by cahlfors
Yes, please!
That will be exciting!

Best of luck!

13 Jul 2018 20:57 #114151 by OT-CNC
16 Jul 2018 17:42 - 16 Jul 2018 20:35 #114320 by vre
The machine i got is the same as these. FV325.02
Is about 3tons 1600rpm 5.5kw spindle iso50
one fanuc big servo for all axis movement
heidenhein tnc 135 control

last photo is this machine converted to full cnc.

There are here photos of the same machine without electronics
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