An open source Emco 120P lathe tool turret control

29 Jun 2017 22:38 #95196 by LutzTD
I opened the board file provided in the toolerator website in KiCad and then used the print command and printed the appropriate layers to files. I then sent those files to pcbgogo. The files determined all they needed to know to produce the boards.
04 Jul 2017 11:06 #95351 by andypugh

timmert wrote: How does it work sending the files to a pcb maker?
You have to solder all the components yourself I assume?

For PCB-only, yes. Some also offer a PCBA service ( including Seeed ) but this costs more, obviously. In the case of Seeed you need to select PCBA as an option and supply a bill-of-materials. I have never tried this, so don't know how it works.
06 Sep 2017 14:24 #98584 by timmert
I got 2 PCB (unused), message if interested
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