Z axis is off by .010" over 1/2"

04 Feb 2019 23:45 #125706 by Roland2161

Leon82 wrote:

Leon82 wrote: The tolerance of the ballscrew depending on class may affect it.

You could tweak the scaling a little bit. Also you can go all out and map the screw for errors. But I have only read about it. Not sure how you would executive it

Also, perhaps fast descelleration could sent the "mass" of the table to load on the opposite side of the play in the screw

I'm not really sure why I quoted myself

What setting is deceleration? In the picture I posted above I edited the stepgen accel to 19 and the maxvelocity to 1.. What setting is the deceleration?
05 Feb 2019 00:41 #125711 by Leon82
I'm assuming Accel is the same as decel. I had mine low for a little bit and get curved rapid moves. I have steppers but set my Accel to 5
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