Early Omniturn gang lathe to Linuxcnc?

22 Oct 2019 18:31 #148552 by gearheaded
The MB is a brand new ASRock J3355B-ITX. The SSD is a new ADATA 32GB MLC Sata Dom powered by 5V external but I wired it into the 5V of the main power supply. Memory is 4GB Patriot 1333 and I set the BIOS to the specified 1.5V.

I'm using a PS/2 KB and Mouse. Hooked up to an ASUS 1920x1080 monitor.

I'm going to be using a smaller monitor in the installation, and probably will get an industrial touch screen.

Does the monitor resolution have a significant affect?
Would the LAN settings have any affect?

I have noticed that the internet connection(hard wired) seems much slower than all my other computers, and a lack of response on occasion from the KB and mouse, like things are hung up for 5-10 seconds. Videos sometimes play fine, other times speed up and slow down. Although not as bad with isolcpus turned off, still noticeable.

Is there a MB available right now that would be a significantly better choice? Cause I'll just buy it and use this one as a desktop.



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30 Oct 2019 19:29 #149207 by gearheaded

I stepped away from the project for a few days as I was getting frustrated, and did some research on possible other motherboards.

I decided to try one more time before spending any more money. After looking at all the notes I had made, at some point in my initial research for this project, I came across a long thread on latency and noted that it seemed in agreement, at least in that thread, that all ACPI should be disabled except the ACPI HNET table. So all the things I've tried, I never changed this in the BIOS:

ACPI config:

Everything disabled except for- ACPI HNET Table is enabled

I disabled it and now Linuxcnc with the Mesa cards configured starts and runs without a problem. No problem with latency, although I am still running isolcpus=1. Without it, latency improved by a huge margin, but is still at 245us. I think I know what to do to fix this, but I need to move on to the rest of the project for awhile. As of now, I am happy with what I have going, with latency just under 20us and the Linuxcnc software running for days without issue.

It looks like my MPG is possibly dead, the IR sensors are outputting correctly, but the signals aren't getting to the hookup pins, so now I have to trouble shoot that or buy a different one.

Its time to finish wiring and designing a new front panel with a touch screen and MPG. I'll post when I have made some significant progress.



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