Brother TC-225 / TC-229 adventure!

14 Feb 2018 23:19 #105960 by ihavenofish
alright, i got some new used drives coming tomorrow. gonna take the long weekend to try this all again. drives are ultra 3000 from allen bradley

going to first try one on the tc229 x motor to get it set up. then hook it to the actual x axis and try to tune it analogue mode. if it still behaves badly, we will try step and direction mode. i actually know this works already as the guy bringing me the drives has them on his tc229. he never got them to move very fast though while tracking precisely, but they are smooth. kinda the exact opposite of my issues with the stock drives, doh!

anyhow, once we have some solution that seems like it will work, we will move it to the tc225, bypassing the stock drives, but still using the original motors.

so, likely scenarios....

1: analogue mode simply doesnt work well with these motors / drives / linuxcnc but step and dir mode are fine
2; the tc229 motors are fine in analogue, but the tc225 motors do not work well.
3: the new drives fix everything and it all works with good performance in analogue on the tc225.... (im not holding my breath)

should be fun anyway. :)
20 Feb 2018 17:27 - 20 Feb 2018 17:28 #106241 by laserK
Looking forward to what you will report back.
These drives and motors in my 215 are still a big mystery to me. The manual is very imprecise to what they are and how they are wired. The motors in the drawings and wiring diagrams are 2-phase servos, which is different from what I have measured (3 phases, or at least 3 symmetric braking resistors..not sure). I am also unsure if they are resolver or encoder based servos. At the end there is a digital quadrature encoder signal coming out of the drive, but that could also be an A/D converted version of the resolver signal. The manual mentions both encoder and resolver on different pages.
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20 Feb 2018 19:08 #106247 by ihavenofish
Your setup is different. Your servos have resolved but the drive passes back quadrature signals. Plus they have very limited power. Easiest to replace the whole lot if it came to that.
28 Feb 2018 20:43 #106754 by ihavenofish
So... anyone want the TC-225 with the conversion as it is? Getting ready to move, thinking i should maybe just keep one of the machines.
11 Mar 2018 11:50 #107213 by iamnot.romeo
i have just bought an old brother tc225. I make decision to replace new step motor for XYZ axis and keep spindle motor and spindle driver. Can you tell me how to use this ac spindle motor and driver?
21 Mar 2018 14:41 #107665 by ihavenofish
spindle needs +-10v analogue. so you need a board that can output that. mesa likely has a simple cheap board that can do it. or if youre not using a mesa system, then, youll have to look around for something.
13 Jun 2018 04:04 #112271 by ihavenofish

so, my friend has got a second machine going with the allen Bradley drives and the stock tc229 servos, and this time has managed much better tuning and performance.

so, this might be the next thing for me to try on the tc225.

sadly I still have no shop. this city sucks for work space.
25 Jun 2018 05:19 #112832 by stal
at tc255 z axis have holding brake ?
25 Jun 2018 05:23 #112833 by ihavenofish
I assume youre asking if the z axis has a brake? yes, it is controlled by a relay. mine is not very good though.

it should be noted that some of the brothers have the brake as a separate element on the screw, and not in the motor itself. my tc229 has the brake in the motor. the 225 - If I remember it is not in the motor - as evidenced by the fact I removed the motor to get it through a door, and the z didn't fall.
25 Jun 2018 06:16 - 25 Jun 2018 06:18 #112834 by stal
thank you ...because i am scared about fall or the screw ,maybe have the right profile ...
I look for the break and this is missing or is inside of motor
l.e. my adventure is just beginning
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