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01 May 2017 20:36 #92477 by rodw
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You can also buy these for $20 or so, You just need a 4 wire one

Here's how I installed it on the 7i76e MPG input


Adding an Axis selection switch is covered in the LCNC documentation somewhere

So a question for PCW about one of the encoders Todd linked.


These have A+, A-, B+ and B- signals on the MPG wheel. is it possible to wire it to the MPG encoder inputs? Do you just use A+ and A- ?
01 May 2017 21:30 #92483 by tommylight
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rodw wrote:
These have A+, A-, B+ and B- signals on the MPG wheel. is it possible to wire it to the MPG encoder inputs? Do you just use A+ and A- ?

No you can not use one with only A- and A+, although i have never seen one like that. They are the same pulse just inverted, so you can not tell what direction it is turning.
Encoders always have at least A and B, and power, so if it has 4 wires, this is it. This is the single ended type of encoders.
02 May 2017 03:57 #92491 by rodw
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Tommy, my mistake it has A, B, 0V and Vcc which is what the 7i76e MPG inputs require

So my question to PCW is can a MPG wheel with these inputs

Can this be connected to the 7i76e MPG inputs?
02 May 2017 06:54 #92494 by Clive s
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Rod I have the same and just use A & B to pins 16 & 17 TB5 I think you have to set the mode
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02 May 2017 10:12 #92502 by rodw
rodw replied the topic: Hand Pendant

Clive s wrote: Rod I have the same and just use A & B to pins 16 & 17 TB5 I think you have to set the mode

Clive thanks. I thought it would work. I'm torn between one of these and a 7i73.
20 May 2017 03:23 #93396 by islander261
islander261 replied the topic: Hand Pendant

I want to close this topic out. In the end I bought one of these:


The official model name appears to be LHB04 in the Chinglish instruction manual that only had instructions for Mach 3. The unit arrived on the 4th day as promised. On opening the package I was pleasantly surprised that the finish and initial quality is better than I had expected. Don't be fooled I don't consider this to be an industrial quality unit but for the price I think it is going to fit my needs.

I took the unit out to the shop as soon as I had some time. Reading through the XHB04 man pages and sims I was pretty sure that I had a good chance of making it work. I plugged the unit into on of my front panel USB ports and pressed the toggle on button and the LCD came on and the activity LED flashed when ever I pressed a button or moved the jog wheel. Well I thought this is good, at least I don't have to fight with an EBay vendor over a DOA unit. Following the instructions in the sim directory I fired up the test program and everything worked just as it should! Further reading of the man pages and of the sim directory readme file lead to me creating a new configuration to try out the pendant. I made the changes to my .ini file that are called for in the readme and tried to start linuxcnc... as expected a string of errors posted to the terminal. Nothing serious, all related to not finding files, moved the layout file to my config directory and now new errors. Again as expected new errors, now the HAL is complaining. This is hardly surprising because of all the funny stuff I have going on between using external offsets and the general plasma THC stuff. The problem was where I had already used some pins that the component wanted to use. A little minor editing of the .tcl file so it used my previously defined signals and all is good. And I am using Master 2.8 Pre1 with external offsets!

Now the BIG WARNING, the documentation says that the acceleration limiting function will effect all manual moves, I didn't realize that built in homing moves are actually manual moves! I almost broke my gantry as it slowly decelerated passed the limits and off the tracks while trying to home my table! It didn't take long for me to decide that the problem had to be something with the acceleration. A few quick tests and I confirmed this. I didn't try and remove the acceleration limiting but given how high I have it set and the resulting smoothness of the control I am not sure it is needed on my table.

The bottom line at this time is that this thing works, I don't have halui pins or MDI functions connected to some of the buttons yet but I only needed an MPG and not a remote keypad as well. I can't tell any delay in the operation, I move the jog wheel and my table moves, stop and my table stops. It is as quick as this old guy can move. Given the wide range of Linuxcnc systems out there the man pages and sim directory instructions and examples got me really close on the first try, another big thank you to the developers for all their hard work! Given that I didn't have to build anything, just plug it in, this things is a fair value for me given the new price from Torchmate of my old made in USA keypad (has worked for years) with its silicon plastic cover. I wish my old DynaPath System 10 mill controller would work with one of these.

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