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05 Oct 2018 01:55 #118452 by Harleyvet02
So I have LinuxCNC running on an older desktop machine. I have never used Linux so please bear with me. I installed the 5i25 card and ran PNCCONF. When I get to the screen for select 5i25 from the Mesa0 PCI/Parport card there is nothing behind the colon.
I have run "lspci" from root terminal and do not see anything with "Mesa" or "5i25" listed. I have tried moving PCI slots but no difference. I know there is power because the 2 LEDs flash on the board at power up and the 7i76 board's LED is lit.
Any help would be appreciated. I have spent hours looking for an answer and I'm stumped.
05 Oct 2018 03:47 #118453 by PCW
Replied by PCW on topic Help with Emco Concept Mill 55
I think that's normal ( I dont think pncconf accesses any hardware unless you use the "test/tune axis"' pane )
I would just page forward to the Mesa Card 0 page, select "5i25 internal data" and "7i76x2 With One 7i76"
select "Accept components Changes" and continue.

If the 5I25 is found by the system,
"lspc -nn" should show a pci device with 2718:5125 vendor:device ID
06 Oct 2018 03:46 #118487 by cmorley
What version of linuxcnc are you using?
As Peter said: select '5i25 internal data' on the mesa0 page.

If that isn't an option then it sounds like you are using an old version of linuxcnc

Chris M
08 Oct 2018 16:40 #118545 by Harleyvet02
The card is recognized via "lspci -n" as 2718:5i25.

I am trying to use a TB6600 driver off of ebay and a stepper motor I had laying around. I am not having any luck so far. I previously used this driver and motor with a Raspberry Pi Protoneir hat and it was working. Has anyone used this driver? I would like to bench test this setup since the Mill is in the garage and testing will be a little challenging. I would also be willing to pick up another stepper driver for testing if someone can give a suggestion. Thanks for all of your help and patience.
08 Oct 2018 19:35 #118554 by andypugh
The driver you have ought to work, but you might need a different firmware on the 5i25.
Do you know what firmware is currently on the 5i25?
10 Oct 2018 19:51 #118653 by Harleyvet02
I believe the firmware is up to date. I performed apt -get update and flashed with mesaflash. I may have a chance to work with it tonight as well. Any other diagnostics I can do to check the 5i25 and 7i76 are working?
10 Oct 2018 20:01 #118654 by PCW
Replied by PCW on topic Help with Emco Concept Mill 55
What do you believe is not working?

Most common start up issues with step drives are wrong wiring (step/dir swapped for example) or too narrow step pulses

( Start with 10 usec (10000 ns) if you don't have drive specs)
11 Oct 2018 01:11 #118661 by Harleyvet02
Success! At least a little. I have movement while testing the X axis in pncconf. Stepper seems to be moving appropriately. Pulse (+), Dir (+), and EN(+) all need to be jumpered together. I had forgotten that when I last used this driver. Thanks for all the help. I’m moving on to using the Axis GUI.
12 Oct 2018 12:09 #118699 by andypugh

Harleyvet02 wrote: Pulse (+), Dir (+), and EN(+) all need to be jumpered together

They quite often need to be jumpered together _and_ connected to +5V

Do you have any docs for the driver?
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