Problem connecting hy_vfd via RS485

26 Mar 2020 23:20 - 27 Mar 2020 07:26 #161634 by strahlensauger
These values are still from the pncconf wizard, I think it is for a spindel connected via the 7i76e, didn't clean the files yet...

Finally I found out to set PD0144 to 3000, mine was set to 1440. According to the sound of the spindel
I think it is just the display showing the correct values.
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27 Mar 2020 16:23 - 27 Mar 2020 16:23 #161716 by MovT
Hi Strahlensauger.

I guess you are from Germany like me. If you have any further question you can pm me in German.

I have a chines 2,2kw spindle work with RD485 on a standard Huanyang VFD. I switched to Hitachi now but i keep all configs.

Your .ini part for the spindle look like this (refelct the VFD settings you made)
P = 1000.0
I = 0
D = 0
FF0 = 1
FF1 = 0
FF2 = 0
BIAS = 0

MAX_OUTPUT = 24000.0

Your custom.hal like this:
loadusr -Wn vfd hy_vfd -n vfd -d /dev/ttyUSB0 -p none -r 38400 
net spindle-vel-cmd-rpm 		=> vfd.speed-command
net spindle-cw spindle.0.forward 	=> vfd.spindle-forward
net spindle-ccw spindle.0.reverse 	=> vfd.spindle-reverse
net on spindle.0.on 			=> vfd.spindle-on 		=> hm2_7i76e.0.7i76.0.0.output-13 #thats my solenoid to start the water pump for cooling
net spindle-at-speed 			<= vfd.spindle-at-speed

Here the spindle parts in my machine hal:

setp   pid.s.Pgain     [SPINDLE_0]P
setp   pid.s.Igain     [SPINDLE_0]I
setp   pid.s.Dgain     [SPINDLE_0]D
setp   pid.s.bias      [SPINDLE_0]BIAS
setp   pid.s.FF0       [SPINDLE_0]FF0
setp   pid.s.FF1       [SPINDLE_0]FF1
setp   pid.s.FF2       [SPINDLE_0]FF2
setp   pid.s.deadband  [SPINDLE_0]DEADBAND
setp   pid.s.maxoutput [SPINDLE_0]MAX_OUTPUT
setp   pid.s.error-previous-target true

net spindle-index-enable  <=> pid.s.index-enable
net spindle-enable        =>  pid.s.enable
net spindle-vel-cmd-rpm     => pid.s.command
net spindle-vel-fb-rpm      =>
net spindle-output        <=  pid.s.output

# ---setup spindle control signals---

net spindle-vel-cmd-rps        <=  spindle.0.speed-out-rps
net spindle-vel-cmd-rps-abs    <=  spindle.0.speed-out-rps-abs
net spindle-vel-cmd-rpm        <=  spindle.0.speed-out
net spindle-vel-cmd-rpm-abs    <=  spindle.0.speed-out-abs
#net spindle-enable             <=  spindle.0.on
#net spindle-cw                 <=  spindle.0.forward
#net spindle-ccw                <=  spindle.0.reverse
net spindle-brake              <=  spindle.0.brake
#net spindle-revs               =>  spindle.0.revs
net vfd.Rott               =>  spindle.0.revs
net spindle-at-speed          =>
#net spindle-vel-fb-rps         =>  spindle.0.speed-in
net vfd.Rott         =>  spindle.0.speed-in
net spindle-index-enable      <=>  spindle.0.index-enable

# ---Setup spindle at speed signals---
# done in custom hal
#sets spindle-at-speed true

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