7i76e: MPG and Analog inputs with pncconf?

14 Jan 2019 00:52 #124127 by cmorley
How do you connect that code to halui?
Can you make a HAL pin in the .axisrc file?

Chris M
14 Jan 2019 00:56 #124129 by phillc54
Yes, you can create a component and connect it in .axisrc

Cheers, Phill
17 Jan 2019 09:01 - 17 Jan 2019 09:02 #124336 by trilobyte
I have modified the hal file to usw ilopass for the mpgs:

this is working, but only for "jogincr.in00" the other increments 01,02 do not work anymore.
these worked before i added the ilowpass.

what is going wrong with my new hal?

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17 Jan 2019 13:56 #124352 by andypugh
You might need to make all the jogincr numbers (in the mux16) 100x smaller to compensate for the 100x scaling of ilowpass.
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