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@John Thornton,

That is very good news.
I hope our road's will cross once in software development and deployment.
That linuxcnc will have once a free code C++ cad / cam package is clear.

A cad cam coded top level language is a must to stay as free as a bird.
Ubuntu with linuxcnc, why not? Or is this GPL3? The GLP institute is fooling everybody....

Student's can hack into the provided code samples, below.
They can write their own code to it to get their bachelor's degree in computer science, and the KISGLP2 (keep it simple gpl2) argument is one of the basic's to make progress.

My project can take over 1 to 5 year's. But i have time and like other users over here, we never give up hope.

The provided code QT C++ samples are including at the moment :

1. Use external variables over different file's. (QT project file attachments in previous posts)
2. Draw a line with QT openGL. (QT project file attachments in previous posts)

Number 3 will be a new item, i did not try this item in C++ before, but it has to do with how to keep Cad Cam program's simple and structured.
A perfect way for student's to set up the Cad / Cam program top level logic structure.

It is a combination of Parametric Cad user input and Dxf input displayed into the Screen (openGL) and conversed to (ngc) G-code output.

It can select cut chart's, see picture. I am waiting for official factory approval to include the TD factory parameters and HP parameters.

So i hope to include a bare C++ example soon of how to implement this logic into the program structure.

It will be saved as a .GRO file.

This output structure i have to design. It includes a brand new logic.

It include's the logic for dxf, ngc, tools, and so on in one file.... But this .GRO file output will be better structured then Autodesk has ever done over the past 25 years !!! Autodesk has no GRO file at all. They did not think about a logic file until i post this GRO exension, with a few line's of how to KIS.

Special song for a special forum member who has writed professor style hal code a few year's ago.
Does anyone know's who i mean by this song? It's starting the user name To. Location outside Europe... It's overall close to the Russian border. Soon he will move to a bigger workshop... He has a dog.

Second member is started with a A. Who is this guy?
He has a race motor. I hope he will find real love. He has about 926 youtube subscribers, Master Kenobi+ through double + interest i think over the years. A stay in the line member. A professor in cosinus and sinus, a algoritmic solution expert, His song :

This number is for all the Australian forum member's. They hypnotize us.... Aha. secret powers from the old earth.

Edit, i forgot auto nesting. We pay nothing for autonesting in Linux !!!

Student's will provide a algoritme for this in the future. Autonesting will be a tiny update after all.
So far the signals are provided to update the autonesting process. I think we have done a good job so far.

Like a very, very smart student who has hacked into the code and has a good mention of what GPL2 is all about, and this student will take his course. The student is able to change the world with a few line's off code, Elon Musk is not a programmer. But he will start a new car factory in Europe soon. So maybe i wii mail him about a location in Holland. Tesla Nedcar Holland can take this job. Tesla Fokker or Tesla Philip's can do the job also in Holland. We have space at the Maasvlakte, that is a very big space at the sea location. We can build a very big Tesla factory over there for sure !!! The Chineze have no democration. What about window's in china? Trump has made the solution. No window's licence to China anymore !!!
So China is fucked up at the moment. Only Linux can save China.

In the end... Linus Torvald is saving China !!! But why is Huawai laptop's not going to linux?
I would buy the laptop if it has no Intel Ehetnet spy config, just like PCW has mentioned down before.
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13 Jun 2019 21:13 #136849 by rodw
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There is also one crazy Dutchman here that also does good work.

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16 Jun 2019 22:05 - 16 Jun 2019 23:30 #137064 by Grotius
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Hi Rod,


I spend some time making dialog's and a file open dialog is in progress.

Dialog example :

File open example, not finished :

All project files are attached.
To run the program unzip the untitled.zip and type in terminal : ./untitled

To make an extra ui screen or dialog. It takes some knowledge if you want to connect signals trough the menu bar.
I made a short line of how to achieve this.
But for me it was a quite hard experience to find out. Googling solved my looked over the eye problem.

First make a new class.

In my case a blank window.

Provide a class name.

Name the window to your needs.

This is my main window menu bar. rename the links to your needs.

Menubar slots appear in the below screen. I was lost for this for a while.

This code will load your second screen

I made some progress. Founded out that Draftsight is written in QT also.
If you go to the 2019 version. It's directer during making a drawing. During making a drawing the responce is directer.

When the file loader and saver dialogs are ready, i am going to think about how to set up the .gro file structure.
That is a dxf and ngc inluded in one file. Hope to do a little magic by the time i get there.

For the one's who are thinking where are the parametric input's? They are behind the OpenGL screen at the moment.
I need to integrate them in a input pop up window soon !!!

Thermal Dynamics has sent me an okey to integrate the cut chart's open source. I am waiting for Hypertherm. That can take some time.
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18 Jun 2019 15:33 #137199 by Grotius
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Little project update,

The custom file dialog is loading nice, it works like a file explorer, it display's directory structure at the left panel and file structure at the right panel. A nice advantage is, it does a textfile preview of the file you want to load.

I think i will add a OpenGL preview function to this open file dialog in a later stadium.
When the dxf to g-code function's are integrated, that would be quite easy to do.

So far so good. Up to the next item.

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