Strategie bei Hurco BMC20 refit / Interfacing the Drives to MESA

05 Apr 2018 09:39 #108431 by andypugh
NEMA is just one of many standards for motor sizes. Maybe the existing servos are metric?
What are the shaft and spigot diameters?

Why not retain the existing servo motors?

You could keep the same drives too, but that might be more difficult.

Are the servos 3-phase brushless motors? There a a number of ways to drive those with LinuxCNC, STMBL is possibly an option.
(Fanuc puslecoder support was added last week, or the week before)

From your point of view one advantage is likely to be that the development team are mainly in Germany.
05 Apr 2018 09:49 - 05 Apr 2018 11:14 #108432 by poolizei
Ehm Yes, one Fanuc died a few years ago and was replaced 4k€ one is original one also older...
I personally think it's good to get rid of them!
The look kind of abused! And the full discrete Servo Driver is also not something I trust in.

The Servos have 130mm Frame Size the Exisiting ones and also the NEMA51 ones only the round part which sits in the hole of the mounting braket is a bit different that's easy to change and the alignment doesn't matter because the shaft is equipped with a belt pully and I only have to order new suitable pulleys and so I'm fine...

I really prefer to exchange the Servos and drives!
The question is if it's a good idea to go for Ethercat and if a noob will get it running with a Servo drive nobody before used

I think the possibility to build even the servo AMPs (STMBL) from scratch is interesting but won't be my way for this retrofit!

Thanks for your Input
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05 Apr 2018 22:57 #108469 by tommylight
You could get some DMM servo drives and motors, or this

They sure do look tempting for that price even if they do half of what is advertised .
I got the ARGON drives from GraniteDevices fro the Hurco i retrofitted.
20 Jan 2019 22:15 #124499 by kulibin2
Hello. I'm not quite on the topic. Your photos of the BMC30 schemes helped me a lot. I have such a milling machine, and I want to redo it on another Cnc. But I don't have connection diagrams. You can ask to take a photo of the circuits with PLC (inpupt/output )connectors and relays. I can not develop what and where to connect. Thanks in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Best Regards.
22 Jan 2019 10:12 #124606 by poolizei
To be honest I gave up on my machine...

All linear sliding elements were worn out and had to be redone the machine was ment to work on stainless steel exclusively and therefor I sholud be a rfit with a 100% working machine which would eceed what she was worth...

BUT I have all documentation left if you are intersted just PN me...
22 Jan 2019 12:35 #124609 by kulibin2
Hello. I have a BMC30, but I think they are similar. I do not have complete documentation, and therefore the problem. You could make me and send on it a photo of schemes?. I need a circuit board relay and input / output connectors UltimaxII. My email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Best Regards
06 Feb 2019 14:08 #125810 by kulibin2
Hallo.Kannst du Unterlagen von dir kaufen? Ich kann Sie auch für das Foto von Stromkreisen bezahlen.
Best regards.
11 Feb 2019 08:59 #126193 by poolizei
If you want I can send you the whole documentation (free of charge) just the shipping would be nice...
12 Feb 2019 21:34 #126296 by kulibin2
Guten Tag. Ich bin sehr glücklich und danke Ihnen. Sie können an einen Freund in Deutschland an die Adresse senden:
Industriestr. 19/13 Parkhotel
Senden D-48308
+49 1515 6098956
Ich brauche Ihre Bankverbindung ( BIC/ IBAN ), ich schicke Ihnen Geld für den Versand.
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