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03 Feb 2014 21:32 - 03 Feb 2014 21:32 #43494 by andypugh

move just one incremant
i must reboot axis for move other increment

I am surprised it does that much. Looking at the code
( git.linuxcnc.org/gitweb?p=linuxcnc.git;a...65f96d6fdc3ba0#l1769 )
It seems like you need to set some parameters and possibly an enable.
You may need
setp halui.max-velocity.count-enable 1
and maybe also
setp halui.max-velocity.direct-value 1
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04 Feb 2014 01:21 #43503 by akex
thanks andy for your help
for spindle no problem i understand it
my problem i this halfile for max velocity

i try your solution but not work
for the first is a same and second one count=max>0 i can do anythink

and for your link
i don't understand all
is a halfile ? were is "net" "setp"

i don t know where i must go ... i try all ( my solution)

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04 Feb 2014 01:29 #43504 by andypugh

and for your link
i don't understand all
is a halfile ? were is "net" "setp"

No, that was the source code of halui, I was looking there to try to figure out what was meant to happen.

The first thing I think you need to try is to check that the encoder is correctly driving halui.max-velocity.counts.

Go to machine-> Halmeter and set the halmeter to watch the halui pin (or the encoder-counts signal). Make sure that the encoder is actually counting properly.

I think you might see what you are seeing if the encoder is only working on one channel, so it will count up one then down one all the time.

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04 Feb 2014 03:52 #43516 by akex
Hi andy
I already do this
The encoder counts good 2 chanel
And acts on max.velocity.count (i can see the number increase) Etc but never decrease
Strangely only one way ... (+) No -
I thought a bad adjustment
The conections are good
I can see the scrolling LED output 2 (chanel AB)

Is not this way :(

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12 Aug 2014 19:05 #49757 by akex
ok is good
sorry for the long time
this is my hal file

# Inclure vos commandes HAL personnalisées ici
# Ce fichier ne sera pas écrasé si vous relancez Stepconf
# Jog Pendant
loadrt encoder num_chan=5
addf encoder.capture-position servo-thread
addf encoder.update-counters base-thread

setp encoder.0.counter-mode false
setp encoder.0.x4-mode false
setp encoder.1.counter-mode false
setp encoder.1.x4-mode false

setp halui.feed-override.count-enable 1

net potar-a encoder.0.phase-A <= parport.1.pin-08-in
net potar-b encoder.0.phase-B <= parport.1.pin-09-in

# The encoder output.

setp halui.feed-override.direct-value false
setp halui.feed-override.scale .01
net encoder-counts <= encoder.0.counts
net encoder-counts => halui.feed-override.counts

net potar-c encoder.1.phase-A <= parport.1.pin-10-in
net potar-d encoder.1.phase-B <= parport.1.pin-11-in

net so-count <= encoder.1.counts

# connect spindle overide increments - MPG

setp halui.spindle-override.direct-value false
setp halui.spindle-override.scale .01
setp halui.spindle-override.count-enable 1
net so-count => halui.spindle-override.counts

########## Jog Pendant##########

loadrt mux4 count=1
addf mux4.0 servo-thread

# If your MPG outputs a quadrature signal per click set x4 to 1
# If your MPG puts out 1 pulse per click set x4 to 0
setp encoder.2.x4-mode 0
setp encoder.3.x4-mode 0
setp encoder.4.x4-mode 0

# For velocity mode, set to 1
# In velocity mode the axis stops when the dial is stopped
# even if that means the commanded motion is not completed,
# For position mode (the default), set to 0
# In position mode the axis will move exactly jog-scale
# units for each count, regardless of how long that might take,
setp axis.0.jog-vel-mode 0
setp axis.1.jog-vel-mode 0
setp axis.2.jog-vel-mode 0

# This sets the scale that will be used based on the input to the mux4
setp mux4.0.in0 0.1
setp mux4.0.in1 0.01
setp mux4.0.in2 0.001

# The inputs to the mux4 component
net scale1 mux4.0.sel0 <= parport.1.pin-12-in
net scale2 mux4.0.sel1 <= parport.1.pin-13-in-not

# The output from the mux4 is sent to each axis jog scale
net mpg-scale <= mux4.0.out
net mpg-scale => axis.0.jog-scale
net mpg-scale => axis.1.jog-scale
net mpg-scale => axis.2.jog-scale

# The MPG inputs
net mpg-a encoder.2.phase-A <= parport.1.pin-02-in
net mpg-b encoder.2.phase-B <= parport.1.pin-03-in
net mpg-c encoder.3.phase-A <= parport.1.pin-05-in
net mpg-d encoder.3.phase-B <= parport.1.pin-04-in
net mpg-e encoder.4.phase-A <= parport.1.pin-06-in
net mpg-f encoder.4.phase-B <= parport.1.pin-07-in

setp axis.0.jog-enable true
setp axis.1.jog-enable true
setp axis.2.jog-enable true

# The encoder output counts to the axis. Only the selected axis will move.
net xaxe <= encoder.2.counts
net yaxe <= encoder.3.counts
net zaxe <= encoder.4.counts
net xaxe => axis.0.jog-counts
net yaxe => axis.1.jog-counts
net zaxe => axis.2.jog-counts

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