Remora + Octopus Pro Dirhold and Dirsetup Issue

21 Nov 2022 12:33 #257209 by 4170-thomasnobi
Hello all,

I am running LinuxCnc with an Octopus Pro board and Remora firmware. All works fine except that the servos motors make cracking noises when reversing the load. With the oscilloscope I see that when the DIR Pin changes also the first Puls starts (~120ns). I assume that the problem comes from there. But I can not find a setting where I can set the values for Dirhold and Dirsetup.

I have tried:
setp remora.joint.0.dirhold   10000
setp remora.joint.0.dirsetup 10000

Remark from the Servo Manuel:
(1) t1: ENA must be ahead of DIR by at least 5μ s. Usually, ENA+ and ENA- are NC
(not connected).
(2) t2: DIR must be ahead of PUL active edge by 6μ s to ensure correct direction;
(3) t3: Pulse width not less than 2.5μ s;
(4) t4: Low level width not less than 2.5μ s.

My hardware:
Rasperry Pi4 4Gb with the RT image.
Octopus Pro Board via SPI
JMC IHS57 Servos
LinuxCNC 2.8.3
Remora 1.1.0

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks and greetings


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23 Nov 2022 02:50 #257420 by cakeslob
Yeah, good question. Bring this question over to the main thread.

I recently migrated a config from hm2 to remora the other day, and set this in ini without out checking if it was actually connected to anything.

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