Moving setup-files to another computer

11 Oct 2017 18:49 #100226 by Stonefire
Hi Todd
It's newer than the old ;-)
I use the onboard graphic-card.
I'll look at the bios...

In the [emcmot]-section ?

Otherwice is to find a faster computer ...
11 Oct 2017 19:00 #100228 by Todd Zuercher
ISOLCPUS is a boot parameter, and needs to be worked into one of the Grub boot settings. I set it up so infrequently I can never remember exactly the best way to get it done.

It may also be beneficial to add a graphics card, but one change at a time.

That computer should be able to work fine once you find the right combination of settings for it.
11 Oct 2017 20:52 - 11 Oct 2017 20:52 #100234 by Stonefire

Found the way to implement isolcpus.....but found no changes nessesary in the bios. Here is the result:
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12 Oct 2017 17:25 #100276 by Stonefire
Hi Todd

Need your opinion. This is a screenshot of latency-histogram on my oldest computer with Linuxcnc 2.6 - running ok, but in a LARGE cabinet:

Is the performace better ? It seems that the histogram is concentrated in 3 peaks(blue)
The reason I was switching the computer was mainly the size. The "new" one is only a 10'th of the old.......

12 Oct 2017 19:13 #100277 by PCW
Unfortunately there's no way to tell the maximum latency on the last plots
(the older version of the latency-histogram did not have this information)
so to compare, you would have to run the latency-test on the older machine

Note that you may be able to improve performance somewhat with a faster CPU
(a E8500 CPU will fit your socket and these are around $10 on Ebay)
12 Oct 2017 19:18 #100278 by Todd Zuercher
It is a little hard to see how much better it may be, but it still isn't great. (for some reason that screen show doesn't show what the maximum jitter is or how many overruns there are.

By comparison here is a screen shot of the latency-histogram (running for more than 12hours) on computer I'm using for software stepping (parallel port) control. This machine has very good test results

Here is another decent one.

Both of these are relatively inexpensive (less than $70) motherboards with onboard parallel ports and low power CPUs that do not need any fans.
12 Oct 2017 20:13 - 12 Oct 2017 20:18 #100279 by Stonefire
Hi Todd
Thanks a lot. I'll appreciate your help.
I think not to spend more efford in pro and cons in these old computers. Instead I'll go hunting for a newer computer with better specs. The difference between the two I've got is too small....
... and there is no room for another graphiccard...

Most sincerly

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13 Oct 2017 01:33 #100314 by dgarrett

Unfortunately there's no way to tell the
maximum latency on the last plots (the older
version of the latency-histogram did not have this

Min/max reporting is available with current
LinuxCNC (v2.7.x)

For LinuxCNC v2.6.x, you can still use options to extend
the displayed range by increasing the number of
bins or the bin sizes (recommended)

Example (1000nS == 1uS bins):
$ latency-histogram --sbinsize 1000 --bbinsize 1000
Available options are listed using --help:
$ latency-histogram --help

$ git tag --contains 74c09b6
Docs Ref (2.7):
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