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18 Jun 2019 23:04 #137245 by bevins

mac44mag wrote: Finally, a chance to thank you personally for the reversing shout-out!

Yes, I'm running @ 48vdc, but as yet have no way to measure current draw. That's in the works. I notice that the article that MESA has up indicates a substantial decrease in case temp with just an external fan. That's probably my next step. And, I think I have a couple of old CPU heat sinks around somewhere that may get repurposed, although MESA didn't seem to find a lot of benefit there.

Thanks, again, for the help!



I wouldn't worry about the heat that much. Put a fan, and/or heatsink and leave it at that.

I had my stepper machine on for about 8 months and never turned it off. They only get to really hot, but not more.....

get to making chips, or uuugh sawdust or whatever it is your creating.

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20 Jun 2019 03:52 #137341 by mac44mag
True to your advice, I ran a couple of 45 min.tests today with a repurposed computer fan ~6" from the back of the G540. The results paralleled the ones Mesa has posted for their heatsink experiment. The high temp on the back of the unit never went above 49 deg. C. for either test. I'd terminated the same two tests a couple of days ago inside of 20 min. when case back temps exceeded 65 deg. C.

The only caveat is that I wasn't actually cutting anything. It will be interesting to see if things change when I do.

Thanks again to all for the great help!


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