RPI4 Raspbian 64 bit & LinuxCNC

22 Dec 2023 07:18 #288807 by elovalvo

I have not used a Pi with LinuxCNC for some time now. From memory the most success that I did have was when using a Pi4 with images made by elovalvo from this forum. I seem to recall seeing him mention an image here recently.

You can find the references here:



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22 Dec 2023 11:10 #288818 by cornholio

I have only tried this 64bit version on a sim so far.

here you wrote "you tried this ... on a sim". I am trying to get *any* pi3/4/5 running on a sim - yet in vain. Could you shed some lights on hoe you got there, please?
My test environment

With the RPi once an image is created that gets good latency it will work on any Pi of the same model.
EG A RPi4 image with known good latency user xxx creates will be the same for user yyy & aaa. The only factors that can make a difference is whether wifi\bt & sound are on or any personal changes to config.txt, but the Linuxcnc RPi4 image is usable out of the box. Unlike PC's there is no variance ( apart from which model) tho I don't know if firmware will makes any difference, but generally older firmware don't seem to boot the latest image. Good cooling is a must.
RP-400 (1.8GHz) have a faster Processor than a RPi4 (1.5GHz), although they are the same platform, just different form factor and the keyboard controller is built into the RP-400.
RPi5 is a different beast due to the RP1 I\O chip (read the Raspberry Pi's version of a southbridge).

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