LinuxCNC Install using MX Linux 19.4 - Geared Toward New Users

05 Sep 2021 13:17 - 11 Jun 2022 11:22 #219668 by snowgoer540
Attached is an Installation Guide that I created to walk a user through an installation of LinxuCNC using MX Linux 19.4.It is geared toward new users. The forum wouldn't allow me to upload the guide as one file, so I've chunked the installation guide in to 4 parts.

I've also included a quick guide I created for a user on the forum that showed how to set the IP address on a Mesa 7i96. This process will be similar for all Mesa ethernet cards, but consult the appropriate manual for the exact jumper to change. This step should be performed before proceeding with the user guide as the IP addresses in the guide will be incorrect otherwise. The main point of this jumper change is to prevent the Mesa card from conflicting with any WiFi cards.

This user guide is broken up into 15 sections with a bonus section for Tommy:

Sections 1-7 are required.

Sections 8 is optional if the user does not wish to use a Run In Place installation of LinuxCNC.

Sections 9 is optional and demonstrates how to restore a previously working LinuxCNC configuration using QtPlasmaC as an example.

Sections 10-11 are optional and demonstrate how to turn off the screen saver, and how to set the GRUB chooser so that the user doesn't have to wait for it to time out during boot.

Sections 12-15 (and bonus) are optional depending on the user's preferences. They mainly deal with making MX Linux feel more "Windows Like".

Bonus Section for Tommy should he decide to give MX Linux a go others may find it useful as well.

I intended for this guide to be as simple and painless as possible. It's been vetted by myself and a few others now but there are bound to be small mistakes I've missed. I'll do my best to update any major issues anyone finds; feedback is also welcomed.
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10 Jun 2022 20:13 - 10 Jun 2022 20:13 #244902 by snowgoer540
I separated and locked this topic as some of the comments were contradictory/confusing.

If you have any questions, either start a new topic, or continue adding to this one:

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I see this was not sticky anymore.  Mods - Was that accidental or on purpose?
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Maybe having the same tittle for both topics has something to do with it?
Adding "discussion" to the corresponding topic would help.
Also the discussion topic does not have to be sticky as this one links to that one, that one is still sticky.
Thinking of it, the forum will mess up topics with the same subject, i did spend 20 minutes one evening chasing 3 topics with the same subject by one of the forum members, i am sure i got the wrong page served at least twice.
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The other thread does have “- Discussion” at the end so they’re different. But good to know I’ll keep an eye on it.

Thanks Tommy :)
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It does not.
Also, notice the lock in front of the title on the second picture, in the first picture there is no lock for this topic but for the other one.

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I just changed the other topics title, it changed this one.
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This is interesting to me. Maybe my view point is different from being a moderator and not and administrator?  

here's what I see for the tail end of link for this thread:  

here's what I see for the tail end of the link for the discussion thread:  

Although it occurs to me that perhaps there's a third I am missing, and we are talking past each other?  :laugh: 
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Well, it is a database and as such should and does add indexes to pages and titles, but for some reason this CMS does not,
I would try to delete this one, rename it and restore it, but it is risky as i would guess it will also delete the other one.
Did you by any chance click on "leave shadow topic" when separating them ? No idea if that could cause this, but for sure it should not.
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Try changing the other topic title, when you submit it will show this one.
It does that for me, always.
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