joint 0 limit error - setting up debounce.

02 Aug 2011 10:09 #12123 by andypugh
whampoo wrote:

Thank you everyone for you help OI added to code that Andy suggested and everything seems to be working now..... Except its homing to the max switch and not the min/home switch

Make the homing velocity in the INI file negative and it will home in the opposite direction. You might want to do that in Stepconf so that it doesn't get over-written.

1) should I be using -14 to +14 in the config file with home being 0.0 of the x axis and y axis -13 to 13 with 0.0 being home ?

There are diagrams here:
In your X axis example you would probably want to keep the Axis max and min as 14 and -14, then HOME as 0, SEARCH_VELOCITY negative, LATCH_VELOCITY positive, and HOME_OFFSET -14.1 (the home switch wants to be fractionally outside the working envelope if it doubles as a limit switch)

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04 Aug 2011 04:18 - 04 Aug 2011 04:19 #12166 by whampoo
Hi All,
Thanks for all the help everything is working great now. Hopefully I will be more fluent in EMC and the CNC language in the next few months.

Thanks again,
Joel :)
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