Matsuura Mc 500v2 retrofit.

23 Feb 2016 16:54 #70526 by skunkworks
We purchased this machine a couple years ago. It is an early 80's model with a mx1 control. The servo and spindle drives work just fine so we are planning on re-using everything that we can.

Going with mesa (of course)

We lucked out an all the axis encoders are 5v differential (some had 12v)

The setup is going to be
computer -> Ethernet -> 7i80 -> 7i48
                          V  ->  24 port opto22 board
                          V  ->  7i44 -> 7i73
                                   V  -> 7i69 -> 2x 24 port opto22 boards

That will give me
-6 axis of analog out/differential encoders
-72 i/o
-panel interface MPG's and i/o

Currently We just started and only have worked on getting a basic spindle encoder installed. It doesn't have one and we would like to be able to rigid tap.

We are using gear teeth sensors to do the quadature+index (they are not mounted yet)
This is a 69 tooth gear.

This will be slow going as I will only be able to work on it a few hours a week.

23 Feb 2016 22:48 - 23 Feb 2016 22:55 #70537 by BigJohnT
Nice gear install.

Are you using a 7I80HD-16?

Which Opto22 cards do you use?

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24 Feb 2016 02:27 #70550 by timewarp
I would like to hear more about the opto 22 setup as well. Do you need the pci ac5 card? They are always pretty expensive on ebay,
24 Feb 2016 02:38 - 24 Feb 2016 02:38 #70551 by skunkworks
these style boards are a direct plugin to the mesa 50 pin connector.

(really handy)

we used a combination of what we had on the K&T
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24 Feb 2016 03:17 #70553 by timewarp
ok, I read this

and thought I needed the ac5 board.
28 Feb 2016 23:25 #70779 by skunkworks
The spacing needs tweeking - but a nice signal.

02 Mar 2016 12:58 - 02 Mar 2016 13:10 #70901 by skunkworks
Better. The bracket for the index sensor is made and ready to be mounted too.. (that was at 6000rpm)

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02 Mar 2016 13:44 #70906 by Todd Zuercher
Looks serviceable, well done!
04 Apr 2016 18:21 #72733 by skunkworks
hooked the spindle encoder into the 7i48. seems to count and sees the index.
06 Apr 2016 11:44 #72841 by skunkworks
Spindle RPM back to linuxcnc

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