(SOLVED) BUG REPORT: Gmocappy Homing buttons in joint mode in Master

27 Apr 2017 08:09 #92183 by rodw
Norbert, updating this now with some more info I thought I'd lost from my first post when the PC hung.
Running Gmoccapy with trivial kinematics only with XXYZ geometry. Current branch is dgarr/external_offsets but it was rebased to master since the last gmoccapy update (I think). I believe this was also present in master which I have not used for a week or so. Anyway, here is the problem:

Homed all and moved the axes with the jog buttons.
Pressed a limit switch on the Z axis and this was reported on the console:
joint 3 on limit switch error
emc/task/taskintf.cc 945: Error on joint 3, command number 129
task: main loop took 0.141217 seconds

I Believe this previously displayed in an error dialog within the GUI.

The gemlin error and corrupt screen posted previously is a result of me pressing Control-C within the terminal error so it is not part of the issue at all. I can replicate that problem tonight
27 Apr 2017 17:54 #92225 by newbynobi
It seems, we have found the problem on the developers list, double polling of one error chanel.

I am looking forward to a final dessition how to solve that.

16 Jul 2017 06:27 #95834 by rodw
Norbert. I think I found another bug on my XXYY plasma machine.

When homing and I hit a joint axis limit switch in error. Gmocappy said "Axis Y on limit switch"
LinuxCNC console said "Limit switch error pn Joint 0"
I think that you still have some hard coded error messages linked to joints that are no longer relevant.

Now I just have to work out why Linuxcnc is ignoring my limit and home switches all of a sudden but thats not your problem.
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16 Jul 2017 10:32 #95838 by newbynobi

you are right, I found the error and corrected that one.
I am about to push to master. New release now:

16 Jul 2017 11:31 #95840 by rodw
I'm glad you found it. I'm not sure I could have replicated it again. But the good news is I finally have a complete gantry machine running Joint axis and Gmoccapy. :) All my previous JA tests just had a couple of steppers sitting on the floor.
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