Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8

22 May 2017 19:41 #93500 by dewayne
dewayne created the topic: Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8
Looking for Help here, just did a fresh install of Linux Mint 18.1
Downloaded Master LinuxCNC 2.8 and Gmoccappy 2.3.1

Sim 4Axis - Works
Using Pncconf created Mesa_ZYZA and that works or at least the Home ALL Button and the motors turn here on my desk

I edited the INI file using these instructions (kinda bit confused)

Created a PYTHON in your my config folder

Created a MACRO Folder and added:
change.ngc and than Opened change.ngc with a editor and uncomment the following lines (49 and 50):

I than got the errors attached below.
Next I copied all the files from the sim 4 axis to my main folder for Mesa_XYZA and that moved things along no more error sreen but LinuxCNC did not start up.
Ran terminal launched linuxcnc from terminal and got TERMINAL.TXT below.


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File Name: MESA_XYZAB...RORS.txt
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File Name: Mesa_XYZA_...5-22.hal
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File Name: Mesa_XYZA_...5-22.ini
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22 May 2017 20:37 #93505 by newbynobi
newbynobi replied the topic: Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8
First error
#PARAMETER_FILE = linuxcnc.var

Why have you commented the parameter file?

Change that andreport!

22 May 2017 20:45 #93507 by newbynobi
newbynobi replied the topic: Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8
Second error

postgui_call_list.hal:9: exit value: 1
postgui_call_list.hal:9: insmod for abs failed, returned -1

You do load the abs component allready in your normal hal file.
Two solutions, add the component in the first hal file or use Twopass in your ini.

23 May 2017 05:54 #93515 by dewayne
dewayne replied the topic: Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8
I commented out that line following section 4.2 instructions to match i put it back in here is ther messages
23 May 2017 05:57 #93516 by dewayne
dewayne replied the topic: Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8
What I do not understand is in the Config folder what are the list of files that must be copied to it?
I am running the Mesa 6i25 and 7i76 (x2)
can you please clarify where I get all the source files from that I need to use with my setup.
currently a user on IRC has suggested that because he uses parallel ports and steppconf and I am using the Mesa and Pncconf wizard to do the initial setup that could be part of the problem. stepconf has a GMO option and pncconf does not.

My goal is a gantry Router table XYZ and BC Head the Z-Table has dual Motors and the Y-has Dual Motors
My Machine currently funning under Mach3 has the following features
ROuter -5-Axis (Fixed and Moving Table)
Laser 300Watt CO2
and 3DPrinthead is run also in BC Motion

Table size X-2 Meters
Y is 1.5Mrs
z- 1Mtr
the Y table is removable and can be extended to 6Mtr
23 May 2017 06:36 #93517 by dewayne
dewayne replied the topic: Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8
Does Gmoccappy V2.x work with Mesa 5i25 and 7i66 Stepcong has a gmo tick box but Pncconf has no GMO tick boxes when running the Wizard
23 May 2017 12:20 #93525 by rodw
rodw replied the topic: Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8
Gmoccappy should be agnostic to the hardware even if pncconf does not have options to select it. Most of using Mesa cards hand edit from an initial working config. I started with axis and moved over by hand in about 10 minutes. Read the Gmoccappy installation instructions. They are surprisingly good.
23 May 2017 15:43 #93551 by dewayne
dewayne replied the topic: Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8
REPORT Linux Mint 18.1 and Gmoccappy 2.3.1
Using Mesa 6i25 and TWO 7i66

WORKING and is Bloody !!!! A W S O M E !!!!!

Really can not see me going back to Axis. I would like to tackle getting 6-Axis working on it as it supports currently 5-Axis, but that is just being selfish, Building a Multi Role Machine as I am I wish for more than I can get, But I am really impressed. Took me a while to get it to work.

I have set it up here just on my desk driving 6 steppers. If any one wants a copy of the folder let me know I can upload it.

Best Rgds To all and special thanks to this that help this NEWBEE to keep pressing on.

23 May 2017 17:26 #93554 by newbynobi
newbynobi replied the topic: Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8
Good you got it working!

I have no plan at the moment to extend the current version 2.0 to 6 axis. It does support 8 joints, but only 5 axis.
If you have multiple heads, it might be usefull to use differnet setups, i.e. one for milling and another one for printing and the third for the laser.

So at the moment you might have a XXYYZAC config, beeing a 7 joints 5 axis machine, but is it not possible to have a XYZABC machine, as that are 6 axis. The reason is, that gmoccapy only has space for 5 axis dro. And I do select the DRO number and letters from the INI File. So If I want to add one more axis I would need to change the glade file and a large part of the python code.

I have in mind to make a complete new GUI for robots and scaras. Such a GUI would need to support up to 7 axis. But will not be suited to be used for a mill, as programming and work of a robot is completely different to a mill or a lathe. If I do that, it will be based on QT and not any more on glade, making it suitable to be compiled also for mobile devices. Chris is working on a development version for QT and I am getting more used to machinekit and QtQuickVCP. So I am not able to say at the moment where the future will lead me and my development.

At the moment my work, a destroyed car (BMW 118 Cabrio) and two broken motorcycles Kawa 750 LTD 's are using most of my time. It is summer and I need my toys :( B) :)

25 May 2017 21:45 #93634 by tommylight
tommylight replied the topic: Gmoccappy 2.3.1 For Dummies LinuxCNC 2.8
I am about to throw out 2 kawasakis, a GPZ600 and a GTR1000 i think, both dismantled to pieces, not much left of the big one except the wheels and brakes and radiator and......some other stuff, am keeping the 600 engine to run it as a compressor as it has lubrification and water cooling so NICE, and the frame to make it battery powered, have most of the rest.
If you need anything, i will gladly send it to somewhere in Germany, most probably Stutgart or Wupertal.
Free, of course, will also pay for shipping it to you.
Consider it gratitude for the work you have done and are still doing..
Sorry to go off topic, but this is walid for other members in Germany also, after Norbert makes his choice.
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