setting up for Parallel port Tutoral Part 3 with PathPilot version 2

03 Jul 2019 20:08 #138564 by davidimurray

smgvbest wrote: This guide is for V1 of PP, V2 there is several other posts on getting V2 up and running and the difference in the config files. just search for version 2 here in this forum and you'll find what you need.

You must enable EFI to boot and run the USB Drive correctly

I've tried looking for other post on here that reference Version 2 or v2 but cannot see anything relevant coming up? Do you have any specific links you can share? As this guide is describes as for Version 2 I thought it would be the most up to date. Installing from USB is fine, just the config file seems to be the issue at the moment.



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03 Jul 2019 20:56 - 03 Jul 2019 20:58 #138569 by smgvbest
For a start maybe these 4 which are on page 1-2 of the forum

I should add, these above are meant to work with the 3 tutorial pages to get you there.
they are not a replacment for the tutorials
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03 Jul 2019 21:05 #138570 by davidimurray
Sorry if I am being stupid smgvbest, but I've looked through those links and none seem to be relevant to my issue-

1) This link is all about setting up with VMware
2) This links is about adding rtlibs to the standard pathpilot install
3) Is just about how to upgrade a normal pathpilot install (no mention of parallel port)
4) This is about a pathpilot install with MESA

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16 Jul 2019 18:21 #139589 by davidimurray
It doesn't seem like there is much info around on how to get PP2 up and running, so i;ve been doing a little digging. There have been a number of changes, but I've now got to the point where I can get into PP2.0, I can upgrade to PP2.2.4 and then manage to get into that as well. I've yet to try it on a real machine - but hopefully getting into the interface in the first place is half the battle.

So to start with i have followed the basics of CNCbashers guide (thanks for that) with some changes -

1) - you don't need to modify operator_login most things have moved into a file called pathpilot.json
2) - copy the contents of cncbashers zip file as per his description, but replace the mill_pp.ini file with the one in the attached zip files to suit your PP version
3) modify the file properties as descrived in CNCbashers guide
4) Modify the file as per CNCbashers guide - the line numbers are slightly different but easy enough to find
5) Finally replace the pathpilot.json file in the operator folder with the version in the attached zip file.

Fingers crossed you can boot into Pathpilot V2



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