THCAD-10 + hypertherm 45 (nonXP)

11 May 2018 23:35 #110590 by islander261

Well if you can find that error (it is still working on my system) then just get rid of the call to endcut. It does nothing. As you can see I am not a SW professional!

o<endcut> sub
o<endcut> endsub

The reason for the endcut subroutine (when it actually does something) is to synchronize the Z position at the end of a THC controlled cut that uses an external THC. This is also needed if you just use hal components for THC in the current release or the 2.8-pre master. When using the external offsets branch the motion component is made aware of the Z height corrections and is close to being synchronized ( usually the height hold that is asserted as the torch slows down at the end of the cut makes everything synchronized by the time Z axis control is passed back to the motion component) at the end of the cut.

You can actually get rid of all the variable setting stuff as well if you are going to just set the cutting parameters from from your GUI or from SheetCam. My PP is so complex because I have been trying to do both with the source of the cutting parameters set at run time by a radio button on the GUI. I use the same material 98% of the time so I am strongly leaning towards abandoning the complexity of setting cutting parameters from SheetCam or what ever CAM you are using. I am thinking that I will leave the job shop type features to Grotius or Rod to explore as they are the ones that need (want?) these features.

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